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"In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; but there are always consequences" - Chinese Proverb Quinn's neatly packaged message has struck a chord in my soul. It has forever changed my worldview and essentially made me "B." Quinn has formulated the most comprehensive explaination of "why things are the way they are" that I have ever come in contact with in my life. He has taken a brave stance against a culture of intellectual cowardice; a culture too afraid to question the assumptions that drive its insane rush to self destruction. To me the strength in Quinn's argument lays in the fact that he bridges the gaps between hundreds of seemingly conflicting disciplines while answering the tough questions up front. Throughout both of Quinn's books you truly see the connection between religion,science,philosophy,history and the world we live in. More importantly, you see how our mistakes are not due to some tragic flaw, or the need for salvation. You see the causal relationship for what it is: The ills of the times are caused by a dominant world culture (takers) that promotes its own destruction through mythological assumptions of destiny and rule invention. Living today within this culture is like playing cards for the first time with a self-pronounced expert. The expert can fabricate any rule he likes and you have to play along if you want to succeed in the game. Let's stop playing the game and start reading the laws that has existed since the dawn of the universe: Hence the term: Universal Laws!
Bill Palmer <>
Louisville, Kentucky USA - Friday, July 11, 1997 at 12:15:08 (PDT)
Another book that Quinn readers may find interesting is "Dominion" by Niles Eldredge (a paleontologist and curator at the American History Museum in New York). There are excerpts in this thin book that some may think were lifted out of "Ishmael" and "B", but the point is that there are credentialed scientists who speak to the same problem(s) as Daniel Quinn - perhaps a little more dryly, but with the same urgency. Whether you want to dig a little deeper or just give credence to what Daniel Quinn has written, read "Dominion".
Ted Markow <>
Brunswick, ME USA - Friday, July 11, 1997 at 09:32:45 (PDT)
First off, a disclaimer of sorts.. any typos are due to me being at a laptop that screws with text somehow ..second.. charles bessinger, if your out there,..I'm not at home, but will be shortly, and I haven't forgotten you.... Ok.. I think this is going to be brief, but my messages tend to end up long... A friend of mine who is reading B said something interesting today.. Its actually not very important to our concerns, or our "cause", but its kinda neat.. He suggested that "B" is ishmael's student who we meet in the book Ishmael.. I think that Charles(In the story of B) doesn't fit ishmael's pupils personal criterea.. I think charles has more wits... is a bit sharper.. . Enough of that for now.. just thought I'd throw that out there...Anyway, Its great seeing this website grow so much.. There are so many new visitors, and it gives me much hope. I remember(right after the book came out)when I would see posts by the same 20 or so people.. Everyone was farmiliar.. But now its diverse.. Its great!.. Though I do miss the presense of some of the others that used to frequent the guestbook....I learned alot from them.. I learned alot about my message.. and what it means for me to be "B".. Like Matthew Shapiro.. and damien.. don't see you guys anymore.. If your still around visiting the website.. please post, cuz you all have so much to teach.. Many people are reading the book, and are wondering whats to do now?? When is Dq going to write the next book?? I learned from others early on that we must all come together and share ideas, and do this ourselves.. That we must act as a community(Thank you Alan for the wonderful oppurtunity that your new addition gives us!).. Daniel doesn't have all the answers secretly stashed away in his mind.. only to be reaveled by the next book.. We need him like he needs us...He has given us a wonderful gift, and we must realize that..and utilize that...So.. all of you who are just finishing "B".. don't despair.. There is hope.. people are doing things.. Organizing internet communities and sites that carry the message of B.. that are actually taking action(Check out Barry T's name in the community list, and visit his site..). There have been B meetings in various localities.. Things are happening.. But its up to us to keep the ball rolling..To contact one another.. and make connections.. spread your message.. introduce the book to others.. etc.... Anyway, I'd be happy to hear from ya'll... I'm not at my main computer.. so the given address won't work.. for now contact me at you're wondering if i made a mistake by dropping one "r" in my name on the e-mail.. i didn't)... after 1 week, I'll be at the below e-mail address again... see.. I told you it would end up long as heck.. ah well... Until next time..........
Kurt Finguerra <>
Bend, Oregon USA - Wednesday, July 09, 1997 at 23:13:45 (PDT)
For fans of Mr. Quinn's work (as I am), I would like to recommend another book: "The Spell of the Sensuous" by David Abram. Mr. Abram arrives at the same endpoint as Mr. Quinn, animism, by a completely different path. Very profound, rewarding reading and a great complement to Mr. Quinn's books.
Cary Griffin <>
Sebastopol, CA USA - Wednesday, July 09, 1997 at 14:42:56 (PDT)
For years i've had an uneasy nameless awareness. A sense of moving toward a discovery that would change my entire life. There must be more than this! thought i. its happening, i know it. i am b
Gregory Clark <>
Pocatello, Idaho USA - Tuesday, July 08, 1997 at 19:29:11 (PDT)

Occasionally a builder or artist will create something about which they are especially proud...becuase of the extra time and energy put into that work, or because of the potential impact that work may have. Just launched is a new part of the Ishmael/Bnetwork that is just such a work for me.

The Ishmael Community comes in answer to questions like, "How do I find others with this new understanding of the problems, and new perspective on the solutions?" I have created this venue for you. Please use it to locate others and to allow others to locate you. Check it out and start participating!

Alan, your friendly, neighborhood webmaster, and oh, yes, B.

Webmaster <>
Houston, Texas USA - Sunday, July 06, 1997 at 16:42:58 (PDT)

Thankyou for such wonderful books! I finaly understand the story of Adam and Eve. I wish to participate i whatever way I can to spread the Remembering.
Thomas Walker <>
Burlington, , VT USA - Sunday, July 06, 1997 at 09:41:02 (PDT)
Thanks for writing it. It is validating to know I am not alone in my search, or in my commitment to make a difference. Thank you. Sincerely, Respectfully, Sybilla
Sybilla Irwin <>
Devine, Texas USA - Sunday, July 06, 1997 at 07:05:59 (PDT)
I am still trying to absorb all that I have read in these two life changing books. I am thankful that I have read them. They have changed my life. In fact I feel that I will have to read them both a couple more times before I will feel confident enough to offer what I have experienced with others. I believe in these thoughts and concepts, I hope others will come to feel similarly. Thank you, Mr. Quinn. I would love to meet you. You have offered me some information that responds very well to questions that have been with me for a very long time. I am sure that you will receive more thoughts from me and any of the Leavers I know after I inform them of this site. Sincerely, Al Kolling
Albert R. Kolling,III <>
Rockford, Illinois USA - Saturday, July 05, 1997 at 09:56:15 (PDT)
I wish I had more time to express how I feel about Daniel Quinn's Ishmael, Providence and Story of B. But I don't. Not now. Let me just say that I accidentally / providentially discovered Ishmael last weekend. I have read all three books (in my spare time, of course). Exciting stuff, to know someone else is afflicted by the same vision and the grandiosity to tell everyone about it (hey, it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it). You will hear more from me later. I suspect next summer, after my daughter has finished with college. Maybe before. Daniel, I hope you're not sitting on your duff; you have awakened a hunger among some folks and some of them need more food from you. What you have begun is just what has been begun; God knows you left ample room for more ideas. IMB2
David Abraham <>
New York City, NY USA - Friday, July 04, 1997 at 09:23:06 (PDT)
I felt that this book was an amazing adventure into the psychie of our development as a species. I first rread Ishmael as part of one of my college courses. TTogether, these books have influenced me like nothing ever has.
Victoria Veeder <>
Spokane, WA USA - Friday, July 04, 1997 at 00:02:38 (PDT)
daniel- thank you for making our truth known.
gigi <>
mobile, alabama USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 13:30:13 (PDT)
daniel-thank you for making our truth known.
gigi <>
mobile, alabama USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 13:26:43 (PDT)
i have learned more in the last two months from these books than i have learned in sixteen years of traditional schooling. i recently befriended a history graduate here at penn state, and i am very much looking forward to finding out whether or not her money was wasted. thank you so much, daniel quinn, for your thoughts and words. i am a changed man. i am not benjamin. i am B.
benjamin r j stauffer <>
state college, pa USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 12:14:01 (PDT)
This was an excellent book which has changed my mind about a lot of things and opened it up to even more.
Kathy Powers
Herndon, Va USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 13:20:47 (PDT)
i am B and i am a friend of Ishmael... i have been for a while, i am interested in discussion, please Email.... Thank You
KS <>
USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 00:19:45 (PDT)