The Ishmael Guestbook Archives: February 1997

Ishmael started me on the road of finally being able to understand another prophetic voice - that prophetic voice that has been mangled and twisted and capitulated by the 'Takers' for eons. Having being raised within Christendom, my dreams, aspirations and even my identity were always shelved in lew of the 'duty of Christ'. Ishmael was freed by his captivity; my freedom was achieved by the destruction of those bars. The 'anointing', with all of its glories and ministries, is to set free. The 'anointi ng' is the common bond that ties up all together. If we only be taught the truth. !Let the 'Christ' appear in all of our lives!
Atlatna, GA USA - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 13:05:40 (PST)
Todays final confused point -- Every species in and on the world expands with its resources, then crashes, then rises, then crashes, etc as Dan Quinn pointed out. It is an ABC of ecology. Homo sapien sapien has not yet reached the peak of it's first population growth curve, because it has not exhausted its resource base yet -- simple fact. A LAW OF NATURE, as Quinn suggests, says all species are subject to this up and down phenomenon. So is it being suggested that we do our best to break with this LAW OF NATURE, because we are somehow unaffected by it. I thought the thrust of this book was that we aren't a special species and should consign to that. By being an everyday species should we strive, like all other species, grow as fast as possible, t hen crash (weeding out unfit individuals), then grow, then crash etc. Isn't that the way NATURE would have us work. Which is it??
Jon Campbell <>
USA - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 12:52:43 (PST)
Another gripe --Why are "leavers" praised for their way of life (i.e. what works for them) while "takers" are condemned for it (it is, in fact, what works for them). If truth is relative for the leavers, why can't it be relative for the takers. this is a double standard (it seems). Why are the leavers granted truth as "anything they see fit (or evolved into)" while the takers are admonished for coming up with their own truths. Here is what it sounds like to me -" You can believe anything you want - as long as it's not the takers view"
Jon Campbell <>
USA - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 12:32:41 (PST)
I am not yet finished with the book, so bear with me. I have a Masters degree in Plant Ecology and an Undergrad in Environmental Biology. I realise this doesn't make me an expert an either of those fields... nonetheless... While the book has been ent ertaining so far, it is rife with half-truths and logical mish-mash (my opinion) in the fields of ecology, environmental science, and theology. I find myself in complete disagreement with most of his basic premises. For example... 1.) According to Quinn , this is how the harmony of nature operates -- the A's don't mind being eaten by the B's the. The B's delight in being eaten by the C's, and the C's are willing lunchmeat for the A's. How is it then that the chimps (A's) (or whatever his example was) w ill preempt being eaten by a leopard (Bs) by going postal on the leopard. Doesn't sound very harmonious to me (or logically sound). In fact, no animal is willing eaten in nature. Every animal fights tooth and nail and whisker and duck-bill to keep from being eaten. Just because the families of the slain don't mourn like we do doesn't mean they accept it happily (This chapter reminded me of Lion King jibberish). That enough for now, I have many other gripes -- I will leak them slowly. If you disagree with me on this point - please tell me how I am mistaken. I just don't follow this book's fanfare - IS IT ME!!! The closer I get to the touchy-feely environmental movement, the more sickened I am. Science apparently has little room there.
Jon Campbell <>
Vicksburg, MS USA - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 12:17:05 (PST)
To all the teachers using Ishmael in thear classrooms, YEAH! To all of the students reading Ishmael for school or otherwise, KEEP READING! You people are going to be at the forefront of the changes that our world needs. Check out the list of books that Daniel Quinn recommends at this web site. By all means read The Story of B. It takes the lessons of Ishmael to another level. Wemust all be diligent in our efforts to share these vital messages with as many people as po ssible. After reading B, you may also want to read The Celestine Prophecy. I am a high school history teacher and would love to make contact with any teachers using Ishmael or any students reading it. Let's discuss these books and others. Please get in touch if interested in learning more.
Richard Schmitt <>
Metairie , LA USA - Thursday, February 27, 1997 at 16:04:14 (PST)
I really enjoyed this book, which is suprising to me because usually I don't like to read. It really made me think and opened my eyes to the problems our society as a whole is facing. It provoked a lot of questions in my own mind and helped to gain a new perspective on the world around me. It didn't have much action, but I don't think it really needed it. I wish I knew how he came up with all this stuff.
Amanda Clifton
Danville, Va. USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 07:50:22 (PST)
I really enjoyed reading the book. I grew very fond of Ishmael and began to feel as though I was the pupil. I found myself trying to answer the questions Ishmael asked instead of reading ahead to find them out. I feel that I have more of a deeper kn owledge on our world and look at things very differently.
Anne Adkerson <>
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 07:39:48 (PST)
It was GREAT!!!
ckaandkcw <>
danville, va USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:45:57 (PST)
I think this book could really change the world....if enough people listen. In my experience, people become very offended whenever their religion is questioned. Somehow, something will have to be done to prove that people are people and not a divided species. When this happens, maybe someone will really listen.
Dawne Howard
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:43:01 (PST)
Ishmael was a very interesting book and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it, but a lot of the religeous connotations completely contrasted with what I have been taught and what I believe. The authors interpretation of the book of Genises was, in my opinion, completely outrageous. But again, this is because I have been brought up in a very religeous family and environment. As I said earlier the book was very well written and it was easy to read.
Jenny C. W. <>
Ringgold, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:42:56 (PST)
Never before have I read such an interesting book! It's hard to believe that so many people are set in their way of thinking about how our creation came about. I will never look at society the same way again. This is a book that I will recommend to every person I know or am merely acquainted with. I can only imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyone made the Leaver story THEIR story. It may never happen in my lifetime, but I pray that someday it will! Don't take me for sacrificing my r eligion; I still believe in Genesis whole-heartedly, but the idea of our species being able to fix all the problems we've caused is something that I will continue to hope for.
Lindsay P. McFarling
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:41:37 (PST)
Ishmael was one of the best books I have ever read. I like to think, and this as one book that really made me think. I have yet to read B yet, but I think that after what I've read about it, I plan to. What I found really interesting was the theory that Cain was marked as a white man and white men as Takers. This seems logical since most of the world's population isn't white.
Victoria Hanks
1935 Birch Creek Road, Keeling, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:41:34 (PST)
This was a very different book than any I've read before.It didn't have any of the action that I'm used to but I found that in many cases the action wasn't even needed. There were several times while reading the book that I just had to say how stupid I thought Ishamel was. But in the end I was glad the narrator and Ishamael got to finish their lessons. I enjoyed the book and I agreed with most of it. It gave you a new perspective. What I would like to know is: Where did Daniel Quinn get all this stuff from?
David Edwards
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:40:51 (PST)
Ishmael was pretty good, though not action packed. It did make me think about some things. Overall, I give it B-.
John <>
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:40:29 (PST)
Ishmael was one of the best books I have ever read. I like to think, and this as one book that really made me think. I have yet to read B yet, but I think that after what I've read about it, I plan to. What I found really interesting was the theory that Cain was marked as a white man and white men as Takers. This seems logical since most of the world's population isn't white.
Victoria Hanks
1935 Birch Creek Road, Keeling, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 06:40:09 (PST)
I think the reason that the narrator has no name specifically is because this book could be used by anyone-- not just a scientist or a man or a woman or a child or anyone specifically. In general, all of society could use the ideas of not abusing our planet to their use. And if everyone did a little to help then they wouldn't be able to say that they couldn't help because they are only one person
Ringgold, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 05:37:10 (PST)
I Thought that Ishmael was a very exciting book. Though there wasn't any real rising action, the book evoked an exciting experience within myself. It caused me to really go back and re-evaluate my process of thinking. Especially those thoughts in which we all believe that our species and society are the most supreme beings to ever walk the earth, and that the earth was made exclusively for us to inhabit. Though personally I believe that we are the most supreme beings as of now, and we probably always will be, but I pose the question... Just because we walk upright and are able to communicate verbally, does that make us the most intelligent forms of life, or are there other animals who are actually watching us destroy the world while they sit quietly but impatiently with the answers??
Andrae L. Millner <>
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 05:32:34 (PST)
This was one of the best books I have ever read. It answered a lot of questions I've had, especially about the book of Genesis. So much makes sense now.
Sheena Walker
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 05:29:27 (PST)
For the most part, I enjoyed the book, but in my opinion, the book seemed to contradict itself too much. The book would give its opinion on one subject, then give another one saying the complete opposite of the first idea. Also, I was confused, becau se I could never get the idea of a person learning from a gorilla through eye contact.
Ashley Jones
Danville, VA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 05:25:36 (PST)
As soon as I read the book I gave it to my boyfriend and I bought another copy so I can lend it to other people as well, starting with my father, who is a great technocrat. I wish I could do more apart from giving the book to as many people as I can. I will also give it to my pupils. Please e-mail me your suggestions concerning what else I can do. Best wishes to all Friends of Ishmael! Penny from Budapest
Julia KAROLYI <>
Budapest, H Hungary - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 00:24:59 (PST)
Is anyone out there? Ishmael is "Chim Chim"!
Monk#5 <>
Makawao, HI USA - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 19:40:00 (PST)
This is not a book. This is an option. There are many. All are possible and valid. This one is well thought out and intrigues me personally. However, the ability for an option to work is reflected in its popularity. So, if you also feel that Ishm ael is a phenomonal life and idea opening experience, tell someone, tell lots of people. The first key to popularity is exposure.
Student <>
USA - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 18:06:05 (PST)
Ishmael became a part of me almost two years ago. I am now beginning to read The Story of B and rethinking a lot of the issues that have become a part of my conscience. The Story of B is reminding me of the expansion my universe underwent while reading Ishmael and I plan to reread Ishmael to reacquaint myself with what is so important to the future of our planet.
Karen Eubanks <>
St. Louis, MMmo USA - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 15:54:36 (PST)
Thank you mr Quinn for a book we all have needed for a long time. I really wish that I could afford to give one copy of Ishmael to every politician in the world. Together we will make this world a better place. Love and Light - Marianne.
Marianne Thulin <>
Malmoe, Sweden - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 14:31:56 (PST)
MY GOD!, what a fabulous book. A friend told me about Ishmael but neglected to tell me anything about it. I read it without any outside influence before reading it. Amazing. Ishmael has become a sort of sub-culture here at Sedro-Woolley High School, a ll of my friends have now read Ishmael and a few have read The Story of B. I am currently reading B, WOW! that's all I can say about that.
Ben Holm <>
Sedro-Woolley, WA USA - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 09:45:04 (PST)
The juniors enrolled in my environmental science class have just finished reading "Ishmael" and I've res\ceived both positive and negative comments. They are currently working on a group project where they find images of Leavers or TaKers in our socie ty. They will present these images either through photographs, video, or skit. I'm really looking forward to it. Many of the students will be posting some of their questions on the Ishmael site.
Julie J. Brown <>
Danville, Va USA - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 08:52:19 (PST)
When I first met Ishmael, before I read the book, he went by the name "Chim Chim" and he was taking "Bad-Ass Revenge" thru a band called: Fishbone. Check it out. Chim Chim /Ishmael are all over the place, especially "In The Cube", "Love & Hate", and "Fight For The Nuttmeg". Peace, Love, and Monkeys. M#5
Monk #5
Makawao, HI USA - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 07:06:36 (PST)
I have read Ishmael several times now, have given it away to friends. As an environmental toxicologist I deal with the pollution on a daily basis. I have often been condemed by my peers for advocating letting famin run its course in Africa and elsewhe re in the world. We need to realize that we can not let our population rise above the carring capasity of the land/ local environment. We, the United States, produce vast amounts of food for the world, but at what cost? We continue to over draft the u nderground aquifer in the mid-west (it's name escapes me). When this supply of water runs dry, we will have famin in the US, and our own population will be checked. Mother culture has our genetist working on ways to increase yields, and chemistist to comb at the pests, but when the basic environment fails us, we will be in for hard times. Comments??? -Dave
David Johnston <>
Concord, Ca USA - Sunday, February 23, 1997 at 16:00:45 (PST)
Loved the book and the lessons to be learned.
Boxelder <>
Jupiter, fl USA - Saturday, February 22, 1997 at 20:57:22 (PST)
My book club, which we lovingly refer to as "soiree" decided to read Ishmael for February and we meet tomorrow to discuss the book. The basic concept was already in the back of my mind, so I wasn't actually surprised by what I was reading. I noticed at the end of the book a suggestion to write Mr. Quinn if one thought one could help save the world. As an individual, I didn't quite know what I could do, but I am thinking perhaps our soiree would like to join as a group and I will suggest this tomorrow.< /b>
deborah anders-bond <>
iowa falls, ia USA - Saturday, February 22, 1997 at 19:34:50 (PST)
Three books sit by my bedside table....The Bible, Ishmael, and the Story of B--each greatly cherished... Thank you Daniel Quinn for two remarkable books that will forever change my life and the lives of my young children!
Alicia Rae Puckett <>
Fort Collins, CO USA - Friday, February 21, 1997 at 19:56:29 (PST)
dear quinn, do you , in chapter 10 at the beginning, show us how the narrators life is getting screwed up by him going to ishmael to show us how if we as regular ( not wealthy ) people try to figure out the problems and or the answers to our society we will be ru n over like a rat on the sidewalk !
michael kelly
boston, ma USA - Friday, February 21, 1997 at 10:45:28 (PST)
I am currently reading The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff, which is one of the books on Daniel Quinn's booklist. Fabulous perspectives. It seems to parallel another book I recently read titled Mutant Message Down Under, which is about an American woman who goes on a walkabout with Australian aborigines and learns the ways of living which are 50,000 years old. I would be interested i communicating with anyone who wants to discuss Quinn's work or other like-spirited books, such as, Celestine Prophecy, Tenth Insight, STory of B, and any others. Let's get in touch. God Bless.
Richard Schmitt <>
Metairie, LA USA - Friday, February 21, 1997 at 06:23:23 (PST)
Thanks Daniel Quinn you have contributed to big part of my life. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed this book.I really want to meet Daniel Quinn.
Lisette Dunny
STC, France - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:59:52 (PST)
Ishmael kicks butt!
Bambi <Ishmael>
Chicago, IL USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:59:07 (PST)
At the beginning of the year, my class started out as just a regular old class. Then our teacher introduced us to the book Ishmael. Soon we began going into deep thinking and turning into philosophers. This book has made us think about some things t hat we had never thought about before. We then discussed things and got into lit groups. We are going on an imaginary journey through our minds, as we try to find out our place in life. This book is wonderful, and I recommend it to anyone.
Susie <school>
St. Charles, Illinois USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:58:45 (PST)
The philosophical journey was very intriguing to the entire 7th grade body. We have studied these writings throughly and would love to hear what you think. It is wonderful and a adventurous journey through the mind. Thank you Daniel Quinn you have c hanged the way the 7th grade thinks. RESPOND! RESPOND!
An interested student <Wredling middle school >
Frankfurt, Germany - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:57:15 (PST)
I love Ishmael, he's so sophistacted.
Callie Hodge
St.Charles, IL USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:54:12 (PST)
This is a wonderful and interesting book that takes you on a juorney through the mind. A great book! An exciting book that our class is adventuring through! BRAVO!
Ashley <school>
St.Charles, IL USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:54:05 (PST)
Ishmael, I find your writings very proficient. Your phisophical journey was very intriging.
Amb'aneqe Wenferito'
Wenerington, What is a state Melguianer - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:54:03 (PST)
Ishmael is a very interseting book and I can't wait to find out how it ends
Suzy Lim
USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:52:22 (PST)
i love ishmael he is nice
Suzy Lim
USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:49:51 (PST)
Thanks to Daniel Quinn to have opend my mind. We need everyone to save the world. So please read the book and join Ishmael's compagnons.
Bohren Yves <>
Berne, BE Switzerland - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 01:17:00 (PST)
I have read everything by Mr. Quinn I can get my hands on and then I have passed them along. Even the most staid and backward seem to recognize the messages in these. I found his books through the ONe Spirit book club. This came along when my dreams and visions were leading me on a road I thought I was walking alone. I guess the M fields are really kicking in and the news is spreading. Standing Tree/Keeper
Megan Lynch
Hurst, TX USA - Wednesday, February 19, 1997 at 10:45:39 (PST)
The person who told me about the book Ishmael said it would change my life. Of course I rolled my eyes and thought, "Ya, right." Well, he WAS right, but the change was, unexpectedly, in the way I look at the world and its belief systems. I see here that many people give the book as a gift. I honestly hadn't even thought of that, but it's a terrific idea! Mr. Quinn, thank you for opening my eyes and my mind. Greg, thank you for recommending the book to me. And to everyone else who has and will sign the guestbook, thank you for being there. I'm very relieved to know I am not alone. Catten
Catten <>
Houston, TX USA - Wednesday, February 19, 1997 at 00:59:52 (PST)
This is one of the best books I've com across in a looooong time. Thank you for making a diffrence in my beliefs. Keep the books comming...they are the kind you love to give to others for further discussions.
Ceri Booth <>
Winston Salem, nc USA - Tuesday, February 18, 1997 at 18:33:32 (PST)
Ishmael was great. I was finally able to pinpoint the problem with society. I would love to change, we need to for our survival. In fact, I'm writing an essay about it right now to be turned in for a scholarship application. I'll let you know what happens. Thank you Mr. Quinn for writing this book. It was the best one I've read in a long time. I'm sure you would make an excellent teacher.
Cindy Lee
Indianapolis, IN USA - Monday, February 17, 1997 at 20:14:03 (PST)
I read the book within one day of having received it, and it makes many valid points. The part about Genesis was real eye-opener to me as it provides a completely new perspective on the issue. I do not find the literary structure of it too impressive, but that is probably because it basically never leaves a single room in an appartment. ;-)
Uwe Schuerkamp <>
Herford, Germany - Monday, February 17, 1997 at 01:54:25 (PST)
I have many, but I am already in the email group...c-ya later
vinny <aurahealer>
lockport, ny USA - Sunday, February 16, 1997 at 09:30:47 (PST)
I've read the book twice and taken footnotes from it, bravo Daniel Quinn, great perspective on humanity. Every child in highschool should be reading this book
Semira Weiss
Montreal, Canada - Friday, February 14, 1997 at 16:43:10 (PST)
I still haven't finished the book. But I have found it quite interesting. The book makes me want to do something to change the way everyone is living. I am reading this book with my history class, and I think about everyone likes the book so far. Thoug h it is quite difficult to understand in some places, and even hard to believe.
Elliott Ash <>
Columbus, OH USA - Friday, February 14, 1997 at 06:21:27 (PST)
A 100% great book. I´m pleased to have found this book. Just an idea: if we all buy one copy extra each and give it away to a friend or stranger this coming christmas, wouldn´t that make a change? Love / Jack
Jack G Hansen <>
Stockholm, Sweden - Thursday, February 13, 1997 at 12:01:07 (PST)
I was required to read Ishmael in a class, and since ten have loaned it to everyone I could think of. Excellent Book
Ian Woodward <>
East Lansing, MI USA - Wednesday, February 12, 1997 at 20:34:32 (PST)
Ishmael is my number one gift. I "make" everyone I get to know read the book before pursuing a deeper friendship. Also, I use it in teaching my 10th grade advanced placement world history course. And yet, because of its truths it remains the most depressing book I've read. Now on to B...
T-Brad McCarver <>
Auburn, AL USA - Wednesday, February 12, 1997 at 16:36:33 (PST)
My wife and I have just finished reading "Ishmael" (it was given to her as a Christmas present) and found it to be provocative and fascinating. We commend Daniel Quinn for bringing his message to the world. As members of the Unitarian Universalist fa ith, we believe the book's content resonates with the ten UU principles, particularly "6. We belive in the worth and dignity of each human being. All people on earth have an equal claim to life, liberty and justice - and no idea, ideal, or philosophy is superior to a single human life." Another concept to which we ascribe is the interdependent web of all existence. In my opinion, "Ishmael" should be required reading for President Clinton, Vice-President Gore, every member of the United States Congress , and every representative of the United Nations. We're eagerly looking forward to reading "The Story of B."
Harold F. (Hank) Carlson <>
Salt Lake City, UT USA - Wednesday, February 12, 1997 at 13:06:52 (PST)
are extra - terrestrials the next step in evolution ?
michael kelly
Boston, ma USA - Wednesday, February 12, 1997 at 11:46:32 (PST)
I read Ishmael as a school project and found it to be extremely insightful. Daniel Quinn is a brilliant author and teacher and I would hope someday to meet him. Thankyou!
tai krueger <i have none>
Boulder Colorado, Co USA - Wednesday, February 12, 1997 at 09:28:22 (PST)
It is great to see that someones opinion based loosely on fact can touch so many people. I believe that is what's needed in order to make a diference. However, even though I thouroughly enjoyed the book and the message it was attempting to convey, I f ound it a little confusing. Not in the the sense of intelligence, for I consider myself to be an able individual, but because the points weren't summarized appropriatly for this kind of text. Ishmael would touch upon a very incredible revelation but then in the middle of of his explanation he would shoot off in another direction( the reader never quite being sure what point is being made). Then after several points are made there is no summary present to put it all in perspective and give the reader a cha nce to let it click in his head( and say " I know what he's getting at). This method of writing is an excellent study guide for college courses because in those the books are usually picked apart and then summarized millions of times( I'm exagerating a li ttle), but I find in the novel form it's a little inadequate. My only suggestion would be that if you were to write a book with a more general audience in mind I'm sure you would be able to inspire more people( they wouldn't get bored while reading you're book and would grasp all the ideals first time aroung). I believe educating a wider audience with your ideas would truly make a diference in the world.
Peter Lonherni <don't have one>
toronto, Canada - Tuesday, February 11, 1997 at 16:03:37 (PST)
The energy I feel here is incredible! This is what needs to happen so that the neccesary spiritual revolution may occur. I see more and more people talking about Ishmael and B with eyes wide open, enthusiastically spreading the word. This only inspi res me to invest more of my energy toward "changing minds." Doutless, we probably will not see noticable effects of this growing movement immedeately, we WILL make a difference... it just may take some time (how much time do we really have before....). The guide to our new way of life is contained in the history of our ancestors (not cultural). All we have to do is to create a revolution of the spirit/mind upon our culture. I don't know where that will lead to next, but all I can do for the time being is to work toward that spiritual revolution by spreading the teachings of Ishmael and B, thereby changing the overall mindset of people that I directly affect, and discussing with other people what else to do. It's All Good!! --Sam
Sam Sadin <>
New Orleans, LA USA - Tuesday, February 11, 1997 at 15:53:45 (PST)
Hands down the best book I have ever read! I only wish everyone could get a copy...It could open a lot of eyes and make a change if people would just listen to their souls rather than Mother Culture. 10,000 years of taking is a hard habit to break if its all you know. I am trying my hardest to break free. Thank you Mr. Quinn for your wisdom and insight. Your work is trully what dreams are made of and I thank you and everyone out there that are trying to live life in harmony. The circle is the greates t power in the universe. The Ishmael circle of friends will make a and peace to all Brian A. Lima
Brian Anthony Lima <>
Tempe, AZ USA - Tuesday, February 11, 1997 at 15:51:30 (PST)
Thankyou Mr Quinn. Your book snapped my mind - all this time I thought I had my eyes open. Ishmael helped me define why I feel so ashamed to be human sometimes. I have bought a loan copy of Ishmael and I am circulating it among my fiends and relatives and work colleagues - Ishamel is alive and well in New Zealand down here in the Southern Ocean ! We are all waiting in anticipation of B eventually reaching our corner of the world. Well - I'm off to curl up with Providence. Thanks again, Mandy :-)
Amanda Allan <>
Wellington, New Zealand - Monday, February 10, 1997 at 22:14:04 (PST)
I wish I'd read this novel sooner. I plan to give my close friends the text, for birthdays, holidays, when they need something inspiring and life changing to read [like right now!]. If those who wasted, destroyed and listened to Mother Culture could let an inklet of _Ishmael_'s wisdom into their noggins, we all might survive and prosper as is our destiny. Thanks for the website, it's thoughtfully put together, both in organization and content, a rare feat these days on the net! Hopefully, Mr. Quinn will make a Southeastern booksigning tour someday. [hint hint] :-) Peace, Will
Will Foy <>
Winston-Salem, NC USA - Monday, February 10, 1997 at 09:05:39 (PST)
Greeeaat book that gave me alot of thinking. Thank you for the journey!!!
Carl-Gustav Fabiansson <>
Gävle, Sweden - Monday, February 10, 1997 at 03:07:29 (PST)
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Brian N. Gilbert & Curtis R. Thompson II <>
Meridian , MS USA - Sunday, February 09, 1997 at 10:34:06 (PST)
If only we (the takers) could all gain the knowledge presented in 'Ishmeal' might their be hope for a world in harmony and at peace with itself.
Jason Garry Lax <>
Dollard Des Ormeaux (Montreal), Que Canada - Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 22:33:44 (PST)
Enjoyed visiting the website and will be in touch soon....
Larry Wayne Grantham <>
Foley, AL USA - Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 20:30:33 (PST)
I haven't read Ishmael yet, but ordered it the same day I finished The Story of B. The Story of B had an incredible impact on me. I've been playing with the idea of writing a book on the affect of evolution of homo sapiens and this book has given me a clearer perspective. Thank you.
Lora Devereaux <>
IA USA - Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 16:54:40 (PST)
TALLADEGA, AL USA - Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 13:40:43 (PST)
I'm not the kind of person who likes to read a lot for pleasure. When I was forced to read this book for a class I was not all that thrilled . . . until I started reading. Aside from being the most captivating book I'd ever read, this book changed my entire outlook on the world and what we are doing to destroy it. Daniel Quinn's mastery in thought and writing changed my life. Thank you.
Gordon Kerr <>
Point Lookout , Mo USA - Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 12:11:53 (PST)
In continuation of my own spritual reformation, I was given advise to read Ishmael. After reading this stunning book, I was taken aback by the way we are destroying ourselves, and more importantly, the world in which we live. As I tried to get the mess age to other people, I realized that not one person by himself can change the world by him/herself. But, if everyone who got something out of the book talked about it, maybe a world-wide reformation wll occur, and maybe we will be able to change.
Daniel Cohen <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Thursday, February 06, 1997 at 11:54:00 (PST)
I am an environmental studies major and I think the biggest problem is getting people to understand that money isn't everything. The economist are the ones who believe that we don't have a problem in this world, because with less people;there will be fewer consumers. The world is in great danger and I am planning on dedicating my life to the survival of the trees that take 18 people to hug, and the animals that were here first, and I just wanted to say that I am glad to know other students of our gen eration WANT to make a difference. Kristen Cherry P.O. Box 5719 A Brevard, NC 28712 *Please send me any information on how I can help!!
Kristen Cherry
Atlanta, GA USA - Thursday, February 06, 1997 at 11:15:04 (PST)
I am a dancer, choreographer and children's entertainer. Ever since reading Ishmael, and giving a copy to everyone I know, I have deliberated on what I can do personally. So, the best way for me is to choreograph a dance inspired by the content of Ishmael. I am currently teaching a repertory class for a group called The Dance Apprentice Company. This involves 6 talented dancers who have all read the book and have discusse d it at length. We utilize a unique choreographic tool called Expressive Movement Processing to extract authentic movement vocabulary from each dancer's experience, and in this case, personal reactions to the book. They will perform an excerpt March 21 an d 22 at the Willows in Concord and at a gala concert in June at the Regional Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, with live drumming, violin and vocals. I hope this helps to pass "the message" on and bring about awareness in my own way. Thank you for the inspiration. Ann Keeling Friedman
Ann Keeling Friedman <>
Concord, CA USA - Thursday, February 06, 1997 at 10:54:26 (PST)
DQ,I thank you for Ishmael. My wife and I just keep giving this VERY important book to friends and other takers like ourselves; Six so far. Good luck. the Redcoat.
FMikeSmith <>
Crestone, CO USA - Wednesday, February 05, 1997 at 20:22:35 (PST)
Ishmael is an extremely engaging, emotional appeal to save the Earth. Having stated that, the book is also so full of pseudo-science and "junk science" that it quickly degenerates into its lowest denominatior-heartfelt tugs of emotion without any rationality behind it. I agree that humanity is destroying the world for humanity by overpopulation. However, it seems to me that an effective remedy would be better contraception through science, or a top-down government policy on reproduction. The latter currently exis ts in China, with great effectiveness. Humans did not create the world. We cannot destroy it. If we do indeed cause our own extinction, then a new species will evolve and take our place as the dominant creature (re: mammals, amphibians, dinosaurs, etc.). Giving up the trappings of our agrarian culture means reducing humanity to animal mentality. The "Leaver" cultures Mr. Quinn so proudly boasts of have a tiny fraction of the art, literature, music, etc. of our modern culture. The "Leavers" are also noted for their resistance to diversity (the Native Americans are a good example) and their murder rate, per capita, far exceeds our murder, suicide, and insanity rates. The worst of Mr. Quinn's book is not the exaultation of the "Leavers," though. It is the idea that mankind can live forever as a Leaver culture. Eventually the Sun, like any star, will burn up its hydrogen, implode, and explode. We know and can ag ree on this because one of the great by-products of our "Taker" society is science. When this happens, I hope my decendants are gathering near the rocket-ship, waiting to travel to a colony on another planet. Mr. Quinn will be chasing a rabbitt with a s pear.
Steven T. Foster <>
Columbus, OH USA - Wednesday, February 05, 1997 at 19:51:08 (PST)
This book was the most profound of all the books I have read. I pass it to everyone who will read it. I encourage everyone to do the same. Maybe then we can make a small difference. Or maybe even a large one...
Todd Neumann
Shaker Heights, OH USA - Wednesday, February 05, 1997 at 17:17:07 (PST)
Thank you.
Anthony Ippolito <>
Cherry Hill, NJ USA - Tuesday, February 04, 1997 at 20:14:18 (PST)
I love this book, have reread it frequently. I have nothing original to add, only to say that I feel it is important that we start by tending to our souls with a leaver's mindset - this is not a book to be read and put down, it is a book to be USED. ( hmmmm)
Cyndi Gosney <>
Bristol, VA USA - Tuesday, February 04, 1997 at 11:03:19 (PST)
When I first read Ishmael I was, well, shocked that someone out there had found a brilliant and coherent manner by which to express every loose end, every vague argument, every sentiment within my very soul. I've personally had dozens of friends and family members read the book, and I'm continuing the effort. They in turn have done the same. An incredible phenomenon, but where do we go from here?
Doug Morrow <>
Rockford, IL USA - Monday, February 03, 1997 at 16:46:47 (PST)
i'm re-reading for the third time. wow. however, i'm still a little shaky on pragmatic implementation of the concepts. law school is time consuming but i'd like to converse with those interested who feel that action is necessary sooner rather than l ater. if you share this opinion let me know. p.s. thanks mr. quinn, you've changed my life and way of thinking.
jedde regante <>
gainesville, fl USA - Monday, February 03, 1997 at 11:09:50 (PST)
I see comments from many people who believe, as I do, that Ishmael contains life altering concepts. I have just finished "Providence", which I find very convincing as evidence supporting the philosophies brought forth in "Ishmael". My question is; as a society or even in small groups, how can we further develop these concepts? I have never had an experience such as the one Mr. Quinn details in "Providence", so it is difficult to clearly feel the emotional attachment which convinces us that unfamiliar concepts can be real. How do we get to that feeling?
Michael Hawk <>
Williams, Or USA - Monday, February 03, 1997 at 09:21:16 (PST)
Dear Mr. Quinn, your taking all my free time now, wondering 'what to do next'. Thanks most of all for not telling us, it will be invented, given time. Is there enough? ps. Read William Greider's "One World, Ready or Not". Is about the global economy. According to Greider, the global economy is like a stinger missle flying towards our falling airplane, likely to strike the ship before we hit earth. Never fear. Some of us will make it.
M Jokerst <>
Martinez, CA USA - Sunday, February 02, 1997 at 19:52:54 (PST)
Im' just starting the book and can't wait to finish it,because its is due in 24 hours!!!
Ross Peterson <>
Eagan, MN USA - Sunday, February 02, 1997 at 18:57:04 (PST)
Ishmael is very thought provoking. It has brought many disconnected thoughts I've had over the years together to form a little better understanding of the world and my place in it.
Jimmy D. Greb <>
Pocola, OK USA - Sunday, February 02, 1997 at 18:13:08 (PST)
USA - Sunday, February 02, 1997 at 13:47:45 (PST)
As owner/manager of 150 acres of prime Ohio farm (corn, soybeans) land -- and as one who has simplified his life down to a total annual income of $4,000 -- and as a 54-year-old person trying to think in "practical" and "sensible" terms about his own in terdependent future,,,, I have a continual dialogue going within myself about lifestyle ethics, voluntary simplicity, how to talk effectively with the farmer who farms "my" land (I don't feel that anyone can OWN land -- in spite of what the deed says.) I invite others to help me, to share their ideas about what to do. My personal economy seems to require the annual income from the farm -- and so begins the cascade of Taker values. Any ideas?
Tom Kirdas <>
Washington Court House, OH USA - Saturday, February 01, 1997 at 08:05:46 (PST)
I just finished reading Ishmael, and all I can say is "thank you, thank you, thank you." Thank you for bringing to life what I have always suspected deep down, and providing me some more roads to travel down. I'm going to recommend Ishmael to all my fa mily, friends, and co-workers, until they number at least *100*. I can't wait to read "The Story of B". We can all do something on a personal level, and this will help, but what we truly need are leaders who are able to inpire and spread the vision.
Pamela Blizzard <>
Absecon, NJ USA - Saturday, February 01, 1997 at 06:03:35 (PST)
Profound, I wept. It is a book to share, and to live by.
Lisa Davis <>