The Ishmael Guestbook Archives: 29 July - 25 August 1997 the Person Below.. Did you really read the book?? If you need help for your project, it seems you might not have read..Oh well, not my problem.. I suggest you really read the book.. Give it a chance, you might get something out of it..
Maybe not. I don't think you pissed people off, as much as you showed your maturity level...
Anyway, Don't come putting your responsibility on others.. Take it on yourself...

Kurt Finguerra <>
Bend, OR USA - Tuesday, August 26, 1997 at 01:42:21 (PDT)
i was forced to read this book over the summer by my american gov't was one of the worst books ive ever sucked....................i mean come on a telepathic gorilla tells us how to live............what a premise =).............................i would recomend this book to no was horrible................i came to this crappy site hoping i could get some info on the crappy book project i have to do..........but it looks like this site is for all the dumbasses who loved ishmael =)........hehe o well.......sorry to piss everyone off who is reading this.........
joe harroff <>
granville, ohio USA - Monday, August 25, 1997 at 17:51:12 (PDT)
" The pen is mightier than the sword......." I think that best describes Daniel Quinn's, Ishmael. For me Ishmael is a way of life not just one thing or two things or what we are we supose to do. He gives things in the book that are supose to be accomplished so you take what you understand in the book and apply them to your life now and forever
vanessa <drgonzo@>
gilbert, az USA - Monday, August 25, 1997 at 15:19:39 (PDT)
Firstly, I'd like to thank my friend, J.Braley, who turned me on to this book. Novel, my a**, it's an essential element in real education. Secondly I'd like to say to all my compatriots who've annotated this guestbook, I encourage you to keep an eye out at used bookstores in your area for used copies of this book, and get loaners, copies you can loan to friends, or get gift copies you can give away. Thirdly, I'd like to share that, I don't know if any of us can "change the world" (bumper sticker: if you can't change your mind, how do you know you still have one) -- it's my direct experience that's it not even so easy to change myself, at least that's the way it feels in here. Nevertheless, I love myself enough to keep working at it. Further, changes I can't see are best illuminated by my friends, since they're paying attention to now, and I'm still attending to regretting what I did then. I like the line in "The Princess Bride" where the 'farmboy', later 'the dread Pirate Roberts' is telling the princess, "life is pain; anyone who tells you different is selling something". I bet I'm rambling -- I do that. Looking forward to chatting with some of you on the road of life, rambling. dk
David Komisar/Nevada City, CA <>
Grass Valley, CA USA - Monday, August 25, 1997 at 12:55:16 (PDT)
I have read this book three times, and each time I come to the end the burning behind my eyes becomes even more unbearable. It is the same burning I get when I have forgotten to do something and don't know what it is. If you have that same feeling contact me, so we can discuss ways to make wrongs right. I am not talking about a plan or a program as it were. I am talking about a movement.
Josh Harrison <>
greencastle, IN USA - Monday, August 25, 1997 at 09:53:12 (PDT)
I finished reading this book a couple of minutes ago, and bought it for a school assignment. It is a book that not only holds your attention, but it also makes you think, and you realize all that the narrator is learning as the book goes along.
Joe Loughnane <>
USA - Sunday, August 24, 1997 at 20:52:56 (PDT)
The one and ONLY thing that keeps me striving
to make this world a better place is knowing
that there are people out here who seem
to understand why we are here and what we need to do and what we are not to do.
Ishmael was a blessing to read, I just
wish I could set people down and make
them understand, but some people don't
want to understand. Peace and Hope.
Takers can take a hike!

Jason Davis <Bree@Southeast.Com>
Jacksonville, Fl USA - Saturday, August 23, 1997 at 22:16:32 (PDT)
I recently lived at Zendik Farm, and read Ishmael there. It is great as a book, but what do you do?
Sonalee Bhattacharyya <>
College Station, TX USA - Saturday, August 23, 1997 at 17:06:26 (PDT)
I read these lessons when I had the time. Then I realized I was right all along, and that I could be who I am.
Bobby Flores <>
USA - Saturday, August 23, 1997 at 07:50:28 (PDT)
nice site, a friend recommends i read the book.

jonathan r. <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday, August 21, 1997 at 16:36:43 (PDT)
nice site, a friend recommends i read the book.

jonathan <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday, August 21, 1997 at 16:36:28 (PDT)
nice site, going to get the book based off of friends recommendation.

jonathan <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday, August 21, 1997 at 16:35:55 (PDT)
I just got done reading Ishmael and I thought
it was one of the best inspirational books I
have ever read.I would just like to thank Daniel
Quinn for writing such an enlightening novel.

Dan Hammond <>
ALbany, NY USA - Thursday, August 21, 1997 at 14:02:35 (PDT)
Having read Ishmael, my current boggle is how to apply myself to saving the world without getting behind on my bills...:)
Shawn Lewis <drgonzo@primenet.cot>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Wednesday, August 20, 1997 at 07:41:01 (PDT)
Incredible book...
Is there any coordinated efforts to
further the ideas brought forth?
Perhaps a list of like organizations?

Edward Wendling <>
Washington, DC USA - Monday, August 18, 1997 at 11:58:33 (PDT)
"I don't know you can start wanting something till you know it exists." When I read this line in ISHMAEL (page 214, by the way), I couldn't help but to think, "There it is!!! That's the maxim that can help switch on the lightbulbs in everyone's heads! !!" Of course, we all have been lectured time and again about our cruel destruction of Mother Earth; however, as the narrator pointed out, it's not the lectures that are going to save the world . . . it's the vision, the inspiration of people like Daniel Quinn and gorillas like Ishmael!!! One of the greatest aspects of ISHMAEL (apart from it being the gateway to survival, of course) is its simplicity. From this stems all the profound truths and piquant revelations. One of my favorite narrative hooks wa s Ishmael's story of the jellyfish (pg. 56); when I read that I thought, "Wow! This Quinn guy really knows his stuff. He's got something here." Little did I know at that point how often I would find myself curled up on my bed with my copy of ISHMAEL, my dictionary, my desk encyclopedia, and my Bible just muttering, "This is incredible!" I mean, I never really thought of myself as "an enemy of the world" (pg. 130) or an illustration of Tom Petty's "Free Falling" (pg. 108). I never really looked at Moth er Culture sarcastically, thinking, "Huh! Us? An "advanced" culture?" My first reaction was a compliment to that old "ignorance is bliss" slogan, but after reading ISHMAEL I can't help but to feel guilty if I don't USE the insight I've been given and DO something. I consider ISHMAEL a blessing, a rarity, a key, a tool. It seems so special to have absorbed all that knowledge and hope . . . and to think YOU have, too!!! Isn't that the greatest feeling . . . knowing you're not alone?!? Of course, there' s still so many questions I have, like where to stop listening to Quinn and start fitting in the faith that is such a vital part of my life. I believe, as the Bible teaches, that God gave the world to Man. That's not to say that Man is allowed to DESTRO Y it or even to RULE it, thinking of himself as God. After all, the world is more than a GIFT . . . it's a TEST, one which I would have to say we've pretty much failed. I'm a very optimistic person (really!), but I can't help to fall into that Taker way of thinking when I ask, "What about Revelations? Won't God destroy the world anyway? After all, only Heaven will be free of pollution and destruction." But as a fellow ISHMAEL-ite wrote in this guest book, "There's got to be a way to be a Christian with out being a Taker." So, "what's next?" I guess for me, it will be to read MY ISHMAEL and THE STORY OF B. That is, if I can find time! I'll be a very busy Honors Freshman at Virginia Tech this fall (yes, I read this novel for college just like a lot of you out there!!!) pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I hope to be the next Barbara Walters, so if I make it big-time (and believe me, I've got the tenacious pioneering, infinite drive, and unbridled determination to put me there) you'll know it' s me -- I'll be the one with Daniel Quinn on my first "20/20" segment or "Erin Tate Special." Email me with questions, comments, or connections to ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN. I'd love to hear from any fellow gorilla-lovers!
Erin Tate <>
Blacksburg, VaVA USA - Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 22:19:59 (PDT)
I have just finished my first reading of Ishmael. I have never in my life done this with a book, but as soon as I finished, I went back and started reading it again. I want to make sure I didn't miss anything, and certain sections make more sense to me after having read through it once already. I will probably read through it several times. I am certainly not willing to lend it out just yet.
I have always had that sense of "being lied to" and that the ways of our world are not right, but could never have put this into words as well as Mr Quinn has. I am anxiously awaiting "My Ishmael" and will be on the lookout for the "Story of B".
I would like to hear from others who have read Ishmael for discussions on the issues and questions it raises.

Valerie Kelley <>
NH USA - Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 18:19:14 (PDT)
I am thankful for you and your efforts to actually make an affective,real difference in this world through using statistically proven truth of what works and what doesn't.I am commited to helping bring peace and health to this world, as much as I can, working with servant-heros such as you and others! I believe I have "been given", wisdom and understanding, by asking for it, and going "thru hell" the last 20 years! As I was going thru this, "pain", I was looking for answers to "relieve" the pain! I be gan to study people like Mr.Hock, Ed Deming, Steve Covey, Denis Waitley and others, and I came to some remarkable conclusions; they seemed to all be saying somewhat the same things! There are a few,fairly simple, statistically proven, truths that consiste ntly work to make work harmoniously, and a whole lot of other things that don't I am a power lineman in Anchorage Alaska,but I'm ready to do whatever it takes to become,"a part of the answers"; because I truly care, and I beleive I have been,"prepared", for this time and this task!!! Thanks, my "servant-hero" friends Dana A. Baker
Dana A. Baker <>
Anchorage, AK USA - Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 15:09:38 (PDT)
I need information to help answer all the questions I'm getting.

kyle nichols <>
Fort Atkinson, WI USA - Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 06:57:08 (PDT)
i dont have an email address, just visited the site on someone elses computer. think i'll go home & send letter by the good old fashioned mail

sylvia juncosa <none>
USA - Saturday, August 16, 1997 at 14:58:15 (PDT)
I have just finished reading lshmael. I initially began reading this book for college, as part of a discussion group. I was blown away by the novel. It was so thought provoking! As I read the beginning chapters of Ishmael, Quinn's style and topics re minded me of another book which I have read. The book is titled Grendel by John Gardener (It is a different view of Beowolf). Grendel has nothing to do with saving the world but is just as thought provoking and I thoughtl that these readers would find it . interesting.
Ishmael is outstanding and I will be sure to pass it on so others may learn.

Amy Waldmann <AmyBedelia>
Durham, NC USA - Saturday, August 16, 1997 at 11:45:37 (PDT)
After reading Ishmael, I am left with one very deep, disturbing question. What was the deal with the tape recorder? i mean, Ishmael talked inside his head, right? So why did he want to tape record himself when it was the gorilla doing all the ex plaining? Also, I didn't like the book so much, but at this site, i was very impressed with Quinn's ideas of support.
Melanie Lamb <>
oh USA - Friday, August 15, 1997 at 16:09:17 (PDT)
I read Ishmael for an education class entitled "First Nations and Cross- Cultural Education" at the University of Saskatchewan.
At first I wasn't quite sure what it had to
do with cross- cultural education, but I now
realize how important the lessons in Ishmael are for all cultures. Thank you so
much for this wonderful book!

Joanna Listoe <>
Saskatoon, SK Canada - Friday, August 15, 1997 at 09:27:22 (PDT)
The book Ishmael was a gift from my Father. Being someone who reads more for entertainment than enlightenment, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. After reading it, (and barely not able to put it down I might add) I feel as though my outlook on lif e has changed! I am amazed.
Lisa J. Addario <>
Boton, MA USA - Thursday, August 14, 1997 at 10:11:18 (PDT)
Glad to see there's more of us out there.
Kevin <>
USA - Wednesday, August 13, 1997 at 21:58:44 (PDT)
J'ai 19 ans, je suis étudiant en école de commerce et je viens tout juste de terminer Ishmael. Ce livre a provoqué une véritable petite bombe dans ma tête, à tel point que je m'imagine aujourd'hui avoir un petit Ishmael dans le crâne! Comme beaucoup de gens je crois, un bon nombre de question se pose encore à moi, dans ces cas là j'ai l'image d'un Ishmael qui me grogne que c'est à nous de trouver les moyens de faire preuve d'imagination... oui c'est vrai qu'Ishmael a fait la moitié du chemin, le livre est tellement bien fait que nous attendons encore les réponse de notre professeur, alors qu'elles sont en fait certainement quelque part dans un recoins de notre tête...mais...! Concrêtement je m'occupe aujourd'hui d'une association humanitaire et je me demande comment je peut répercuter l'analyse d'Ishmael face à ce problème. Que nous dictes vraiment la loi dans ce cas??? Cette fameuse loi... je n'arrive pas à l'appliquer dans c e cas là. Elle me paraît cruelle, a moins que ce ne soit Mère Culture qui parle à ma place ou à moins que j'apercoive pas très bien l'ensemble de l'analyse d'Ishmael. Dans quelles conditions nous pouvons contredire la loi dans la mesure ou ce nous cherchons (dans l'humanitaire) revient en fait tenter de répartir les richesses présentes dans notre "prison" dans l'attente de... Je suis je l'avoue dans l'attente de suggestions... Un grand bravo pour le site et si malgré mes pauvres compétences je peut être d'une quelquonque utilité aux amis d'Ishmael en France ou ailleurs, vous pouvez sans aucun problème prendre contact avec moi (, mais vous pouvez dé jà être certain que ma prochaine home page contiendra le marqueur des amis d'Ishamel! Ce courier doit-être bourré de fautes de frappes et d'orthographes mais j'espère que vous ne m'en tiendrez pas rigueur. Merci à tous et en espérant que nous pourrons vraiment sauver le monde... Xavier Roguedas
Lannion, France - Tuesday, August 12, 1997 at 14:47:45 (PDT)
I have read Ishmael and just finished The Story of B. Mr. Quinn is a truly remarkable thinker. His words, in themselves are not remarkable. We all know the truths which he lays out for us. The amazing thing about his teaching is that he was able to strip away the programming of mother culture and expose the devastating effects of the culture we have developed over the last 10,000 years. He charges us to act upon his teachings and we say we will. But are any of us willing to actually make the brea k and live Ishmael's lessons?
Joseph Tvrdy <>
Manhattan, KS USA - Tuesday, August 12, 1997 at 13:14:26 (PDT)
Reading the book for college. Very interesting so far!
Rheanna Meade <>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Monday, August 11, 1997 at 18:27:09 (PDT)
I have just read the second most provocative and stimulating book after Ishmael, The Lucifer Principle, by Howard Bloom. (In the science section at Barnes and Noble.)I recommend reading it for a different take on (but not incompatible with Ishmael) our connection to nature, and how we may be at the mercy of our "genes". Check out the site Ishmael changed the way I see the world and The Lucifer Principle has helped me to understand how and why we have gotten ourse lves into this predicament. Read it and e-mail me your thoughts. Thanks again Daniel.
Susan Ham <>
Dunedin, FL USA - Monday, August 11, 1997 at 15:03:20 (PDT)
I am B. I found the words that Daniel Quinn found were the voice in my head. He spoke to me as no one else ever has. I reject everything I ever learned. My journey from here is to un-learn it all!
Van T Herndon <>
Yakima, WA USA - Saturday, August 09, 1997 at 18:48:12 (PDT)
I read Ishmael in June and B in July. I've told everyone who will listen that they are the most profound books I've read as an adult. Thanks B for putting it all together.

I'm working on a children's version and would like to compare notes with anyone.

I'm an environmental scientist by profession, and am trying to educate industry about sustainability through my role as a consultant. I'm very interested in comparing notes in that area too.

K. Macoskey

Kris Macoskey <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Friday, August 08, 1997 at 18:54:04 (PDT)
I was so excited when I first saw this site. Ishmael is one of those books you read and, then, you look around you and wonder if anyone else gets it, if anyone else knows. I am so glad to know others have experienced Ishmael and have been sharing it with others as I have. The true manual of Life.
Ami Grace <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Friday, August 08, 1997 at 18:15:08 (PDT)
I would like to thank Dennis Quinn for the amazing work that he has given the world. Since reading Ishmael I have been moved, that is to that my sense of awreness had been expanded. I look at the world and society in a whole new light.I was impressed t o learn that it had been adopted by the school system, I feel other schools should follow thier lead and get more people to read your work. Thank you again. Your loyal reader Dale Boyer.
Dale Boyer <>
Glen Burnie, Md USA - Friday, August 08, 1997 at 12:15:27 (PDT)
Being forced to read Ishmael for an assignment at
Westminster College in Fulton, MO,I was reluctant to open
the book and begin. I was never a fan of reading. Before
nearly completing the story, I had to pry my eyes from the
text and step back for a moment. How was I becoming
interested in Mr. Quinn's story? Perhaps one reason was
the fact that it was becoming more and more apparent of my
earth destroying habits. It had become a way of life to
treat earth as sort of a disposable habitat. After all, I
hadn't been taught to behave any other way, neither had my
parents, or their parents. Ishmael brought these traits of
mine into the open. Not just the ideas about destroying
Mother Earth, but ideas of culture, human law, and how
things came to be. Congratulations Mr. Quinn, you are the
first to spark my interest not just of reading, but of ways
I can change the way I live my life and look at other

Grant Arle <>
St. Charles, MO USA - Friday, August 08, 1997 at 12:10:31 (PDT)
I am in AWE!! Thank you for Ishmael.
I can´t wait until my husband reads, so that he too will understand.


Anne C. Lucero <>
Stockholm, Sweden - Friday, August 08, 1997 at 11:48:33 (PDT)
I am in AWE!! Thank you for Ishmael.
I can´t wait until my husband reads, so that he too will understand.


Anne C. Lucero <>
Stockholm, Sweden - Friday, August 08, 1997 at 11:48:17 (PDT)
ISHMAEL raises some important issues for Christians. When I first read it, I began to wonder if there was any way to be a Christian without being a Taker. I am exploring the idea, and am coming up with some interesting things, which I put on my websi te (because I don't want to fill up this guestbook with my ramblings). My take on the situation: If you believe in God, as I do, I'm sure we can agree that he didn't put us here to destroy the place an ourselves. Let's abandon the story which leads us i n that direction.
John Stonecypher <>
Mason City, IA USA - Thursday, August 07, 1997 at 06:57:58 (PDT)
Thanks to Daniel Quinn for his work. The amazing interpretation of The Genesis is certainly true.
Jean-François ROCHEMAN <>
Paris, FRANCE - Thursday, August 07, 1997 at 02:47:22 (PDT)
Thanks to Daniel Quinn for his work. The amazing interpretation of The Genesis is certainly thrue.
Jean-François ROCHEMAN <>
Paris, FRANCE - Thursday, August 07, 1997 at 02:46:10 (PDT)
Well, i'll keep this short, cause i don't even have the patience to write that long, so you can have an idea of how hard it was to read ishmael...i'm glad that daniel quinn sort of repeated everything for me in the book. If only i could read it again, or even have spent more time reading it the first time...but i have been bombarded with summer reading assignments (thanks to my loving and caring teachers)...but i did love ishmael...cant wait to read story of b, I found myself agreeing with everything the book said, even if it was condemning the human race...oh well, this post is too long for this guy...cya...i'm so lonely...i need my own ishmael...

David "Fabius" Beck <>
Granville , OOOHOOh USA - Wednesday, August 06, 1997 at 12:09:54 (PDT)
Dear all,

I am a sophomore at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. I have read both Ishmael and The Story of B . I was amazed by the concepts Daniel Quinn brought to the world through his thought-provoking books.

I have discovered a great deal about myself in the past few weeks aboard the Coast Guard's training ship, the three-masted sailing barque EAGLE. Working in the rigging and furling sails as we crossed the Atlantic, I tested a lot of my personal fears and pushed my limits in ways I had never imagined before.

Ishmael's concept of changing the world from the inside out is the idea that best describes the epiphany I experienced aboard the EAGLE. When he says, "It's not the reward at the end you's the journey that's going to change you," it meant a lot to me. (Forgive me if I quote incorrectly, but I don't have the book in front of me....)

The reason Quinn's ideas are so radical are that they require everyone to have the motivation to open their minds to new ideas and new thoughts. They are required to think for themselves and take responsibility for making a difference in the world.

I am on my way to becoming an officer in the world's most elite humanitarian service...the Coast Guard is responsible for more saved lives, rescued property, and intercepted narcotics than any organization anywhere. I think that Quinn's ideas can work.. .if the world can find it in itself to accept them.

I close with one plea to all who read this message: open your minds. Tell everyone who will listen, and even those who won't, to read and live these books. We owe it to ourselves to take responsibility for our actions and change this world to the ideal civilization we've always sought.

I welcome any comments, questions, and friendly hellos. Please e-mail me!
Chris Ogle

Cadet Chris Ogle, US Coast Guard <>
New London, CT USA - Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 18:17:11 (PDT)
I'm not in the position to afford online at home and am therefore using free Internet Service at my local library. I would appreciate your posting my commentary anyway.
Having read a few responses to Ishmael and "B", I notice a trend. Readers don't seem to think Quinn's philosophies can actually be applied to the real world. However, as "B" taught, you have to use your own talents as you can. If you really agree with w hat you read in Quinn's books (I say "agree" rather than "believe" as "belief" may be equal to "faith"), espouse it in your life. Will these books create an instant solution? Of course not.
I also seriously recommend looking at the suggested reading. I've hungrily consumed some of his picks, including books by Mowat, and Liedloff. I'd also suggested Marlo Morgan's "Mutant Message Down Under" and Merlin Stone's "When God Was a Woman."
Jeffrey Flood <none>
Princeton, NJ USA - Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 15:18:04 (PDT)
Hello curious readers of the guestbook - please have hope! If this book is about anything - it is that there can be hope in solving the world's problems. I gave up a career as an architect (adding to the already over-built and poorly thought-out huma n environment) to become an artist and teacher (hoping to grow change in the environment by changing people's attitudes.) Idealists are needed in this world - visionaries who are willing to do what it takes to create a better planet to leave to our child ren - either in baby steps (writing a letter or painting a picture) or full-time activism - each one of us can do our small part. Think globally, act locally!
(How's that for preachy?)

emily <>
Bethesda, Md USA - Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 10:46:02 (PDT)
Go to the top of a skyscraper or take a plane trip across populated areas. What I see is a cancer eating the world. We're certainly in jail. I have some ideas about how to live but they aren't going to change the world. The sense of being in jail gets more serious when you have children. They consume without thought in spite of what I try to teach because their culture teaches more powerfully. I've just read Ishmael once. I don't think it's brilliant and whether you'd call it literature is moot, but I wish that I had written it myself 20 years ago. We need leaders. We need a plan. Some of the Greens espouse views that frighten "average people"...
Ron Langworthy <>
Houlton, Me USA - Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 06:28:24 (PDT)
This must be some book! I came here because some posting reccommended it. As I perused the guestbook, there seemed to be a genuine thought that the world will end soon. It seems like the only people who know about this are the people who read this book . Does reading whatever book this is really make a difference in our lives? The people who do get inspired by the book are such an immense minority-- even some who do get inspired may not even do anything because they don't think they are help me. I am 15 , you can call me stubborn or what you will, but for all 5 billion of us to get up and clean the world, its got to take a heck of a lot more work than just one emotional (I've never read it so I can't describe it) book. It appears as though some treat thi s book holier than the Bible, or Torah or whatever religion they subscribe to. Please, don't get mad me for my convictions, I am only expressing the way I see people
Mike Marone <>
Plano, USA - Monday, August 04, 1997 at 21:03:22 (PDT)
I am reading Ishmael for my freshman term at
Carroll college. I have found it very sensat-
ional and interesting. For many years I have
questioned my religion and belifes, (Luthern).
And I'm not saying I give up on all those
things that have been taught to me since birth.
But still Ishmael has opened a whole new idea
of the way became, and the way we are going.
It tells of so many truths, that even priests
cannot deny. The end is coming, and if not
for us, then what will happen to our
children and our grandchildren?
e-mail me.

amanda johnson <>
fairchild, WI USA - Monday, August 04, 1997 at 15:52:04 (PDT)
I was forced to read Ishmael for summer gov't; in fact, my teacher signed the guestbook. I still have to write some essays, and I have no idea where to begin. Please write me and help. I thought the book was okay, though it is not going on my shel f of favorites. I still believe in God and prophets, don't think me close minded, but no, I wasn't horribly uplifted. Perhaps I am too young. For all of those who want to convince me, convert me, or just give me help with the essays, e-mail me. I am getting desperate, for my sake, not the world's. Please take this opportunity to share your feelings and knowledge of anthropology. I am ready to be both moved and impressed.
Melanie Lamb <>
OH USA - Monday, August 04, 1997 at 13:11:14 (PDT)
This book is the most insightful works of literature I have ever read. Ishmael does a fantastic job pointing out how the "Takers" are so simply incorrect in our ease in acceptance to Mother Culture's incessant whisper of "how things ought to be." Ishm ael says why? and why not? and does it so logically. He syllogizes a simplicity that seems almost stupid not to dissolve into our own lifestyles, forcing us to ask why we were n't already living the Leaver lifestyle. I give Ishmael, an enthusiastic two t humbs up! Good job, Mr. Quinn! This is one of the first books I've actually enjoyed reading these past 5 years!
Patrick Creehan <>
Blacksburg, VA USA - Tuesday, July 29, 1997 at 21:04:19 (PDT)
please, please mr. webmaster do not discriminate/eliminate me from this wonderful site because i do not have e-mail and such. my college has the internet but we cannot e-mail from here, and i have nothing like this at home. i read ishmael on reccomen dation from my friend alex neumann in february 1997. since then i've bought 4 other copies for friends. then while i stayed with alex in deutschland i read the story of b and providence. the best way to "save" the world is by reading/discussing these bo oks. as soon as b is out on paperback i plan to give this trilogy to 3 very influential teachers i had in high schoool and college. i believe these selected individuals could teach it with their whole heart and spread the message to a wider, younger aud ience.
william hesselbein <i have no e-mail :(>
plano, tx USA - Tuesday, July 29, 1997 at 12:08:01 (PDT)
Greetings to those viewing this catalogue of
curious people. I have read Ishmael through
at least twice and am about to retravel the
journey again. Every time, I come away with
new feelings and insights. I am 23 years old
and a harborer of ample hopelessness and
anger. I try everyday to see the positive,
yet there is so much around me that crumbles
those inklings. I wish to hear from those in
a similar dilemma, as well as those who have
found the path (or paths) to freedom and
peace. Please E-mail at the address listed.

Oh, by the way, I do not know what URL stands
for. I am a novice at this computer mess.

Seeking peace and joy,


Cheryl Strzoda <Cheryl@HOM.COM>
Mt Prospect, IL USA - Tuesday, July 29, 1997 at 08:11:58 (PDT)
Caapi <>
Coos Bay, OR USA - Tuesday, July 29, 1997 at 01:10:50 (PDT)