Note: Beware of a website proclaiming to be New Tribal Ventures/An Ishmael Community! Do not reply to any request for information. Our legitimate pages are available on our site here & on the navigation to the left.

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Ishmael Community Guestbook

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    • Welcome to the Ishmael Guestbook!

      Please be advised: This is a Guestbook, not a discussion board.

      But we know people have a desire to talk things over, so we can recommend the very active site: IshThink,which offers plenty of scope for discussion.We have tried other formats and different guidelines from those posted here. What you see on the site now is the result of several years of evolution. It's not perfect--it does not satisfy everyone--we don't intend for it to be all things for all people.

      Think of this guestbook as a well in the middle of a desert of thought. With sanity nowhere in sight consider this an oasis and a place to stop, briefly--to rest your bones, converse with friends, strengthen your resolve, then take up the journey again. The well will be here should you need it again, but staying too long will discourage others from dropping in. This is a place to stop and rest and draw water and drink and talk--a temporary stop. Many of us stop, some of us talk, many of us find solace, some will argue, most all will go away and come back again. We don't welcome folks who move into the well and attempt to make it their own. We don't want you to camp out and act as if the well and the water are both your own: We want you to visit and converse and allow others to do same.

      The guestbook is moderated and attended to by several people who are long-time Ishmael readers/teachers. These folks will try to assist those who have questions and give directions to those who ask. Occasionally, they may ask you to move on so that others may take part.

      We request tolerance and courtesy in this space. If you want argument, there are other places, discussion places, for you to go--not here. Remember, the website is a place where all levels of understanding converge. Give the newer folks a break and be patient.

      Posts without a verifiable email address will also be deleted (your email address will not be displayed on the guestbook). They're like a voice from the ether without a person attached--and if you're truly noncorporeal, we'd like that verified as well...:). If you don't have an address, it's quite simple to get a free email account with Hotmail, Yahoo, and other providers.

      Please note that Daniel Quinn does not take part in Guestbook discussions. For now, his primary interaction via the website can be found in the Q and A.