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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

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The Question...

ID: 258
posted: 30 Oct 1998
updated: 02 Apr 2002

The Makaw tribe of the American Northwest is trying to return to their traditional life, resuming their hunt of the gray whale, but are opposed by all sorts of interest groups who think this shouldn’t happen. What’s your opinion of this?

It’s always been a fundamental Taker policy to destroy the way native peoples make their living, thus forcing them to make their living the Taker way. By their own decree, the people of our culture now "own" this land and rule it as if they were the gods themselves. They're no more likely to let the Makaw live as they once did than they are to let the Sioux live as they once did. Even their argument hasn't changed. THEY know how the resources of the world are to be used (having eaten at the gods' own tree of wisdom). The aboriginal peoples of the New World were "misusing" these resources, failing to put the land to its "best" use (in totalitarian agriculture). It's no different now for the Makaw. "We" know how to use the resources in question--they don't. Cain is still Cain, and he still carries his knife. His power can't be defeated by force. It can only be undermined by CHANGING MINDS.

category: Here's My Opinion, What's Yours?
keywords: Animals & Animal Rights,Anthropology,Extinctions,Hunting,Leavers & Takers,Political Correctness

Related Q&A(s): 149 258 407 415 421 426 468 493 526 529 531 540 544 549 551 552

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