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  The Ishmael Community: The Origins of Ishmael - Introduction

DQ's Books

    Much of the information about DQ books in this section is historical, and some of the editions are no longer in print. We're working to bring everything all up-to-date. Current editions and order information can be found here.

    Throughout this website you'll find a vast array of information about Daniel's work. The origin of Ishmael has already been the subject of one book, Providence, and could provide the substance of yet another kind of book, still to be written. But here, we simply want to introduce you to some sources of basic information for your edification and background.  Perhaps, from time to time, we'll add to this body of lore. (Daniel, unfortunately, is not a keeper of journals or any kind of daily record, but he will, periodically, recall some tidbit of submerged information that might be of interest to his readers. From time to time, we'll add these snippets to this site.)

    In the meantime, check out the Annals of Ishmael, where you'll find photos of the awards ceremony of the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship. You'll read excerpts of letters from agents who turned down earlier versions of the book that ultimately became Ishmael; you'll even see the scrawled list of names Daniel wrote out on a ratty piece of scratch paper when he was trying to think of what name to give the teacher in his book, along with some examples of how Ishmael has inspired some of its readers.

    Finally, you can trace the history of this and the other Ishmael-related websites, some of which have been operational for over three years. (The future of this website is not at all secure...please read this...) Enjoy your foray into the past!

    More information:

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