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  Ishmael Community: The Website -- Who runs it? Why is it here? Where did it come from?
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"Another rule of thumb you can use to identify the people of your culture is this: They perceive themselves to be members of a race that is fundamentally flawed and inherently doomed to suffering and misery. Because they're fundamentally flawed, they expect wisdom to be a rare commodity, difficult to acquire. Because they're inherently doomed, they're not surprised to be living in the midst of poverty, injustice, and crime, not surprised that their rulers are self-serving and corrupt, not surprised to be rendering the world uninhabitable for themselves. They may be indignant about these things, but they're not surprised by them, because this is how they expect things to be. This makes as much sense to them as having their food under lock and key."

My Ishmael

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If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways

"One of the most troublesome questions I've been asked--and it's been asked hundreds of times--is: 'Where do these strange ideas of yours come from?' In the beginning, I thought it was just the usual where-do-you-get-your-ideas? question that all authors receive. My readers soon set me straight. Read more ...
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Notes About this Website

Why is this site here? What is in this site?

    After reading the works of Daniel Quinn many may feel compelled to aspire to be B, to become the message. Where does one start such a journey? This website is one place to begin. We do not claim to be the only path to B, but we are here to offer a roadmap, an occasional shoulder to lean on, and a cool drink of sanity in a desert of systems thinkers. Our mission is to guide, to assist, not to lead. Your journey to B is as unique as Jared's...and as inspiring to others. Your experience with Ishmael is as unique as Julie's and Alan's. Please share your experience, your knowledge, your breakthroughs with all of us. In turn, we will provide the forum for you to locate and communicate with others who are the message.

    How do we intend to accomplish this? Explore the past in the Origins section to see where all this came from. In the present, using the most advanced internet technology available, we have established several communication features in this webspace. To share your thoughts, ideas, and breakthroughs, visit and post to the Guestbook. To find other people, world-wide, who identify themselves as either seeking skills and resources or offering skills or resources related to the Ishmael vision, check out and enter yourself into the growing Ishmael Network. To date hundreds of different questions have been answered by Daniel Quinn and his colleagues in the Q and A section of the website.   Beyond the interactive communication features, this website is a rich repository of materials related to the new vision that is articulated in Quinn's writings. The Education section includes many never-published original works by DQ as well as interviews and suggested readings. Finally, the Vision is the future. This is where DQ is headed at the moment in his thinking, writing, and daily activities. The momentum is may be sooner than we think that the river of vision that is our dysfunctional culture is diverted into a sustainable reality -- but we need your help! Be part of a positive future for the human species!

    The site is at your disposal. Tell us how we can be more helpful. Begin your tour of the Ishmael Community when you are ready, begin your journey when you have found your path.

A brief history of the website

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The site is under the direction of

    Daniel Quinn
    Author of Ishmael, The Story of B, My Ishmael, Providence, Beyond Civilization, and After Dachau among others

The activity on this site

    Presently, this site receives over 10,000 hits per day representing more than 400 unique visitors in every 24 hour period. On a busy day, we transfer over 60 million bytes of data across the internet. Nearly 10% of our visitors are international (non-US domains).

    Besides the US, the top visiting countries are Canada, Sweden, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Also included in the top 20 visiting countries are Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia, Belgium, the Russian Federation, India, and Hungary.

    There is a LOT more data available if you are curious. However, until this site was launched, the visitation logs were spread across three different servers, hence you will have to view them separately.

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