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Buying Ishmael in Bulk

Q. Can I buy copies of Ishmael in bulk (at a discount)?

A. There was a time when the publisher, Bantam Books, would sell books in bulk directly to the public, but now that they're part of Random House, they no longer do this. Amazon is no help. Its policy: "The discounts listed on our website apply to all customers--individual, educational, institutional, and corporate alike. We do not offer additional discounts on large orders of a single item."

But here's a link to a page from the Random House web site, intended for high school teachers ordering in bulk: . There you'll find listings for more than 40 distributors who carry Random House books. Most of them sell (probably exclusively) to schools, libraries, or retailers, meaning that they expect to deal with purchase orders from those institutions. A few, however, sell to "schools AND teachers," but many (or most) may insist on having a school purchase order or an order on school stationary. A few don't make any specification of who they sell too. If you're not a teacher, your best bet is to make inquiries among these distributors. Some may make an exception for you even though they usually sell to schools. If you find a distributor willing to sell to you even if you're not a teacher, please share this information with us so that we can pass it along to others who inquire: Go to Things to Do/Contact us/ and click on News or Announcement. (Only asterisked sections are required.)

Q. As the author, can't you buy copies at a discount?

A. Yes, but (by contract) not for resale. Publishers don't care to have their authors go into competition with them as booksellers.