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  The Ishmael Community: Contact us!

How to Contact Us:

    Whenever you post an inquiry here it's received by Webmaster Cathy McIntosh and/or Rennie Quinn. If an answer is required, you'll get one as quickly as possible. We want to help all we can, but we need your help too. So before you post a contact, please check out the following commonly-asked questions and their links to website answers:

    I have a question I want Daniel Quinn to answer. Check the Q and A for hundreds of responses to questions that have been asked year after year. Read the Q & A's here.

    Does Daniel Quinn have suggestions for other books I might read? Yes. Periodic additions are made to DQ's suggested reading list.

    I have a book I'd like to suggest to others. How do I do that? First you must join the Ishmael Network. There you can post your reading suggestion and also locate and learn about like-minded people. Join the Ishmael Network .

    Have Quinn books been translated into other languages? Yes. Most of them are shown in the Q and A. Please note that there is no Spanish translation available in the U.S. Click here for translated book information.

    Is there a Quinn-specific interactive bulletin board or other place for threaded discussion? See the Q and A for information on that. You also might have look at these new FB pages that provide opportunity for interaction about Daniel's work and ideas: Live Like a Leaver; The b Following; The Great Discussion; The Church of Emergent Reality. (Don't be put off by the word "church" in this page's title.) And be sure to check out the DQ Facebook page.

    I think Ishmael would make a great movie. How can I get the rights to pursue this idea? You can find out all about Ishmael and film in the Q and A section.

    Where can I buy an Ishmael T-shirt? Shirts, caps, mugs, bumper stickers and other items related to Ishmael and other Quinn books can be found at Ishmael's Annex. Your purchases help keep this website up and running, so we hope you'll find something you like.

    One last note: Anything that looks like spam or a random post for advertising or promotion purposes will be discarded. And if you're looking to post your personal ruminations, initiate philosophical discourse, send your personal writings, or attempt to argue with Daniel Quinn, this is definitely not the place.

    Whew! If you made it through all that and you still haven't found what you need, look at the list of options below and click on a button--your post will be directed automatically to the appropriate person:

      If you have received a website error message, have some other website problem, or want to suggest a site improvement, please click this button

      If you have a news item or an announcement that seems relevant to the Ishmael community, send us a brief description, along with a URL if applicable. We don't promise to print everything we receive, but we want to keep up with what's going on. If you want to remain anonymous, be sure to say so. Otherwise, we'll feel free to credit you as our source.

      If you know of a course or school that is using Daniel Quinn's writings which is not already listed here for schools or here for courses, please click this button:

      If you want to ask Daniel for something like an interview; permission to quote from his writings; participation in some initiative; or information about foreign or film rights, please click this button:

      If you want to invite Daniel to speak, please read our Speaking Invitation page

      If you are having difficulty locating something on the website, be sure to try our updated Search box at the top of each page. If you still need help, click this button:

      If you've forgotten how to get into your Ishmael Community Network account or have other Network questions, click here:

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