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  The Ishmael Community: What You Can Do To Help And To Get Involved

What You Can Do To Help And To Get Involved

Please help Ishmael.org

    Daniel and Rennie Quinn are involved in the content and direction of everything that happens on the Ishmael.org website. The original Ishmael website was built with volunteer help then later updated with the financial support of the Quinns. It's grown much larger since the early days and is now kept alive through sales from New Tribal Ventures and support from people like you. See the history of the website for details on how this resource came into being and for more information on its mission. We do not intend to make this a members-only website and charge admission...we hope that those in the Ishmael Community will contribute to the maintenance of the site.

    1. Before you go to Amazon.com, come here first and enter Amazon.com from this link: Amazon.com when you make your book/music/video purchases.. Here is a real easy way to do this... The Ishmael.org Amazon Cheat Sheet

      It's easy...rather than going directly to Amazon.com use our links to these sites and we get referral credit!

      The Ishmael website is an "Associate" of Amazon.com If you get to Amazon.com via the Ishmael Community, all book/music/video orders make a small commission for this website. Here's our Order Books page to get you started... It's easy! Plus Amazon.com has a HUGE selection, good availability, and low prices.

      In support of the notion of "going local," we strongly urge readers, whenever possible, to buy recommended books from their LOCAL booksellers...BUT, if you are going to use Amazon -- use us!

    2. The webmaster thanks the following volunteers:

      Many, many thanks to the following people for their generous gifts of energy, time, and brain-power. With their help, we're able to keep the Ishmael.com site available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      • Sean Flanagan
      • Sam Hess
      • Chris Hardie
      • Uwe Schuerkamp
      • Brian Setzler
      • Robert Kurfehs & Brandon Fitzpatrick at NewEconomyDesign.com
      • Chad Yates
      • Dennis Lanigan
      • Timothy Varga

      If I inadvertently left someone off this list, or if you don't want to be listed here, please let me know!

Help to Spread the Word

    Spread the Word by getting involved with the Friends of Ishmael Society. You can also help by linking to us from your own web pages--An increased volume of visitors will speed the spreading of the message. Here is more information on how to get the word out...

    • Write a review

      Take a minute to post a review for one or more of Daniel’s books at the Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble websites. It’s a quick, painless process, and it’s not at all necessary to write an elaborate, formal review. On the contrary, a few words spoken from the heart are more likely to be read than a thousand-word essay. Your supportive comments will help offset the disproportionate number of reactionary attacks that regularly appear on these sites.

      It’s no surprise that many people abhor what they read in Daniel’s books. (The surprising thing would be if NO ONE abhorred it.) They have a right to be heard, of course, but we need to make sure that the rest of us are heard as well! Go here to see all of Dan's books

Related Websites

  1. IshCon.org is a central news and discussion site for Ishmael fans. There's a lot happening in the community of Ishmael fans: great discussions, effective action, and far-reaching promotion of the core ideas. But with the hundreds of Ishmael-related websites out on the Internet, and as many people publicly trying to find or describe their own answer to "what do I do now?", the quantity of isolated but overlapping resources is growing rapidly, and the ineffectiveness that comes from that fragmentation is growing with it. IshCon.org, a new resource for the Ishmael community, hopes to help fix that fragmentation and overlap, according to Chris Hardie, the site's editor. Hardie says, "The site is dedicated to being a central repository of news and discussions about Quinn's writings, the ideas in them, and the events happening in the world inspired and enacted by changed minds. The site is focused not on providing yet another body of content, but on linking to stories, websites, articles, and resources being developed by others, so that those interested in getting the 'big picture' have one place to start." Check it out at IshCon.org.

  2. The Friends of Ishmael Society is an organization focused on publicizing Daniel Quinn's work and ideas. It was originated by, and is organized and coordinated directly by, readers who were inspired to help spread the word. This is an independent organization, and Daniel Quinn and ishmael.org are not involved in its activities. The Society offers several ways in which you can help, which are displayed on their Help Us page. Learn more about the four main ways that you can help spread the word through the Friends of Ishmael Society!

  3. Daniel Quinn Meetup
  4. A good way to get together with other friends of Ishamel. The nice thing about meetup is that it happens without any single individual having to take responsibility. The site does it all and the people just go to the meetings and it all comes together. What's needed, though, is numbers. Daniel Quinn has around 1000 right now (October 2004)

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