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How You Can Help Keep The Website Going By Shopping At Amazon.Com

    The website is an "Associate" of and all book orders that originate from this website (even those that are not written by Quinn) make a small commission for DataDrive. There is no cost for using this system, nor does increase the price if you use this only helps us when you buy the book through here that you would have bought anyway!

    You can use this system by simply typing the ISBN number in here (0553379658 for My Ishmael, for example): and we will automatically build a query that has our Ishmael website Associate ID Number attached so that we will get credit for your purchase. You will not be obligated to buy anything if you decide not to.
    Do you need to go to to search for the book and find the ISBN number first? Follow this link and I will open a new browser window for you...and bring up's search page. You can find the ISBN and then come back to this browser window to enter the number and continue.

    Here are examples with Daniel's books:

    • The ISBN number for My Ishmael - Hardcover is
    • The ISBN number for My Ishmael - Paperback is
    • The ISBN number for The Story of BTrade Paperback is
    • The ISBN number for Ishmael1997 5th Anniversary Edition -- Hardcover is
    • The ISBN number for Ishmael Trade Paperback is
    • The ISBN number for Providence: The Story of a Fifty-Year Vision Quest Paperback is
    Here is Daniel Quinn's Annotated List of Suggested Readings...also available through, and giving the website a small commission for the sale.

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