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Added: Saturday, May 27, 2017

25 years of Ishmael--and what comes next. . .

Twenty-five years ago I introduced readers worldwide to the teachings of a gorilla sage, changing the way millions understand how things came to be this way. In the decade that followed, "this way" came to have a new and unexpected name: The Sixth Extinction. It is now widely assumed by the world’s biologists that our species, Homo sapiens, will be extinct within the next century. Will disappear completely, forever.

Alongside the announcement of the 25th Anniversary of the book Ishmael, I want to tell you about the book I’m working on now. This one won’t describe the horrors, the desperation, the descent into savagery of a Sixth Extinction. On the contrary, this one will challenge the inevitability of human extinction, will propose a way of using the next century, not for extinction, but for building a human society capable of having life for the lifetime of this planet—not for a hundred years or a thousand, but for millions. Its working title:

Ishmael on Ending the Sixth Extinction.

It’s not the story of an easy achievement but a terrible one. Not a story of sweetness and gentility but of ruthlessness and ferocity. One so terrible that we will be forced to ask: Is human life WORTH it? So painful that we’ll have to ask: maybe we SHOULD "go gentle into that good night!"

You don’t see or hear much of me now, but you’ll see and hear even less of me in the future . . . until this book is finished. Just to let you know. By choice I’d be an even more public man than I am right now. More easy to get to. More helpful. But until this book is finished, I’ll be harder to get to, less helpful. For a year or so.

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