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    Network Record Number: 11161
    This record (11161) last updated: Feb 14, 2006
    First Name: Benjamin
    Last Name: Bormann
    Address1: 3501 32nd Circle SE
    City: ,,,Rio Rancho
    State: NM
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 87124
    Phone: 414-412-1841
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    I am B. I'm here to learn. To help in whatever way I can, which I'm already doing. I'm here to gather more facts and information, and use them to save the world. I don't know everything, but with a resource like this website I know I'll be able to stand my ground if anyone asks detailed or obscure questions.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    I've taken the ideas of Quinn and added them to my own. The message is mine. I am the message. And as so, I've continued them and fleshed them out beyond what he has given in his books (not necessarily what he has thought -- I don't know him beyond his books). If anyone wishes to explore new territory with/for these ideas, I welcome you.

    Hmm . . . so formal. Um, yeah, I'm still new at this. But as new as I am, I had these ideas forming and solidifying in my head for at least seven years before someone gave me a copy of Ishmael. In fact, we were talking about the sufferings of the Native Americans at the hands of the "white man," and they said that my ideas were very similar to a book they read in one of thier environmental studies classes. I was at first apprehensive to read it, because what if I wasn't the only one who felt this way? But I did, and finally saw most of the things in my head laid out clearly. I acquired The Story of B and My Ishmael and read them within a week. They were fuel to the fire already raging inside of me. I had always known what to do -- find a way to save the world -- and now I had the tools I needed.

    Since then -- only about a year ago -- I've done much thinking, taking these ideas further on my own, and have only recently started "teaching" them or "spreading the word" about them. I use quotation marks because I'm using my gift for words (poetic mostly, but a few essay-like ventures) to do all that I can. And not even stopping there, I'm printing out pamphlets to tack up to bulletin boards and to hand out to students at the local Universities (UNM-Abq. and TVI of Abq.). I've already posted excerpts from the public teachings from The Story of B, and have answered not a few questions regarding what the hell they mean.

    I'm working here, working to help people find a way to live that won't kill them and their children. I've got a few plans, but nothing solid yet. But new ideas are all we need to make a change. Because eventually an Eddison or Einstein will come along and figure out how to blend what we know with what we're striving for. This is what I'm racking my brain over, finding something like this, and would like as much help as possible. Because we can't really afford to wait for our Eddison or Einstein. If they come, then my work will be no more a waste of effort than if they do not. I will do all I can no matter if our ideas see a person like them.

    As Quinn has shown us, there is hope. Our collapse is not inevitable.

    I'm sure you'd like your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be reflecting in the year 2100 on how we barely managed to escape our utter doom. They will learn from us, and they will stand and walk this earth as we could only have dreamed of doing, and they will tell the stories of those of us who pulled a world together in thought in order to keep it from crushing itself.

    I have so much faith in humanity it's almost absurd, even by our standards. And if -- and I say "if" only because we might fail -- we do stop our culture, think of how known it will be. With our historical records and information gathering abilities now we'd never lose sight of what almost happened. It'd be permanently there, always at hand, if anyone ever wanted to know why we did what we did. It'll be as commonly available information as anything else.

    What I mean is that it will be known as historical fact that the way our culture lives(-ed) is wrong. That it can only destroy. And because it will be historical fact, it will be a part of whatever new culture(s) spring up, making it a constant lesson. "Never do what these people did, because it very nearly ended in their destruction. They were lucky they stopped themselves, because that lifestyle only ever leads to destruction, and theirs was imminent." What better historical lesson could we leave?

    I have no questions for Quinn about what I should do. I know what I'm going to do, what I have already started doing.

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