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    Network Record Number: 12666
    This record (12666) last updated: Oct 23, 2008
    First Name: Eilidh
    Last Name: Benedetti
    Organization: self-employed artist
    City: ,,,Douglas
    State: South Lanarkshire
    ZipCode: ML110rh
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    To say thank you, - first of all - for not being alone in seeing the world that way. For that recognition of truths which it is very difficult to hold on to when you have no-one to talk about them or share them with. One is either considered to be a hysteric, depressed, off the rails in some other way, or an enemy of the state and all good people who work so hard to bring us all the benefits we have come to depend on. I was delighted and moved when reading 'My Ishmael', and wanted everyone to read it, because it makes so much sense (even if and because the anthropological model is simplified). I intend to read further works by the author whenever I can get hold of them. I'm also going to have to study the material on this site a bit more to be able to contribute on a more informed basis.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    Yep, I believe in getting back in touch with the earth, and I am certainly not alone there! Permaculture is a model for doing so sustainably and creatively, involving such technology as makes sense. Redistribution of land would help, but of course we're up against some pretty hefty taker-opposition there. Re-building a grass-roots economy is also something I have long believed in - I don't know what the situation with regard to this is in the US of A, but what if our farmers decided to produce for local communities? What if local communities processed these products and made them available to their members (probably not so fond of tribes here in the UK)selling surplus on the wider market to trade for the things they don't produce. Still waiting to see it happen. Here we're talking of eco-villages and transition towns. Working on the eco-village hypothesis myself, not sure yet if transition towns won't rely on same old. Every village can be an eco-village, if enough people start changing the way they live - get growing food organically, sustainably, and sharing their surplus with who wants it. See this is what you can do... ...and we really feel we need to do something, don't we?

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