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    Network Record Number: 1890
    This record (1890) last updated: Aug 24, 1999
    First Name: Rose
    Last Name: Draconis
    Organization: Dorian Tribe
    Address1: PO Box 2775
    City: Cheyenne
    State: WY
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 82003
    Phone: 307-635-0900
    Why are you here?

    In the Ishmael community? Because I have read the books and I know reality is that way, because I am willing to assist others in working in the Taker world as changed minds, and because I could probably use some help from others in doing the same.

    But -- I guess this is a spiritual quirk -- whenever someone asks me "why are you here?" I always take it as a Bigger Question. I'm here to begin a group, a tribal business I suppose is the term for it, which will (hopefully) produce a next generation of Leavers. As I tell the uninitated, "me and my hubbie are gonna start a cult."

    I do tutoring to support myself. I can go through your kids history textbooks with them and teach the REAL way, and I have a knack for being a miracle-worker in clearing up a kid's or grown-up's confusion in a subject, and causing those "OH!" moments. I also write study guides for independent learners and I was unschooled throughout high school (purposefully, after getting hold of John Holt's books, I didn't just quit and am now calling it unschooling).

    My dh does environmental work. After almost a year of trying to explain to me what's unique about his work in this area, he read Quinn's books, and was finally able to say, "What I'm trying to do with my environmental consulting is get the home in harmony with gods around it and with the people it's housing." He calls his unique field, which integrates a bunch of sciences and philosophies, "design ecology."

    Please feel free to contact us. We love to write, and talk, and visit. We travel all over the place all the time too, since my dh is also a musician. World-class, grade A, spirited acoustic musician -- email me and I'll send you a RealAudio or an MP3 track from one of his albums.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    I am VERY interested in discussing resources for educating children within the context of a tribal business. I hate schools and hate even thinking about children within them, but I can talk about unschooling for hours, and I am constantly reviewing materials that kids or adults can turn to when they're curious about some aspect of the world.

    Also, we can of course do environmental consulting (tends to assist in any chronic lifestyle or health problem) and do tutoring for your kids, or provide some great music for any gig of any sort if you're willing to let us sell tapes and CDs at your party or whatever. Michael also teaches computers. And we are willing to help anyone start a tribe or a business or give personal advice for free on starting homeschooling or unschooling with your kids.

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