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    Network Record Number: 3020
    This record (3020) last updated: Oct 22, 2001
    First Name: Samuel
    Last Name: Sampson
    City: Portland
    State: OR
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 97222
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    About the time I was growing through into adolesence, dealing with deeply rooted depresions, and moving away from the religious beliefs that structured the core of my family, I realized that the system of our society (mother culture) was inherintly flawed. Refusing to accept the churches view that it was a human flaw that caused it all I went about my way to find the 'truth'. In my journeys I was led to the writings of Daniel Quinn and never before had I found a view that so parralelled the thoughts in my head about this world and the living system that is nature. Through that understanding I was able to overcome the emotional chaos that ripped through me and find a center in nature. I have also found a group of core friends that share the same understanding we are actively working to rearrange our lifestyles to promote the furtherration of life rather than the indulgence of death that runs so rampant within our culture. I've come here to find more people willing to actively try to change the way things have gone and help to move beyond this fataly stagnant step in human evolution. For I believe that if the few who understand the dangers of the direction human life is taking keep communicating then a web between us can be woven and the wonders of evolution will not only flow through the individuals but through a collective and then life, as it always does, will find a way to move beyond our current state without the mass panic I fear as this society further deteriorates from it's seams. I don't know about you guys, but I would like to have an earth for my children to explore without the restictions of space that so many times before have hindered the growth of living things into full maturity on a mental and spiritual level as well as the physical. Through the past we've been shown time and time again that life can not be contained, eventually it finds a way to break free. I'm curious to see as it begins to awaken once more within the human race where it shall lead us. A little long winded, but that's why I'm here.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

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