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    Network Record Number: 3080
    This record (3080) last updated: Jan 07, 2000
    First Name: Gavin
    Last Name: Hadaller
    Organization: Order of the Eight
    Address1: 5032 SW Slaven Rd #31
    City: Portland
    State: OR
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 97201
    Phone: (503)222-3934
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    Now that is an interesting question! I've been asking myself that for years and have come no closer to a definate answer than simply, because...

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    As a species, the human race is just as natural as any other organism on this planet. Many people will deny this fact and point to religion, technology, supposed conscious thought and many other red herrings that are used to distract from the simple fact that humans are animals in order to justify thier fears and beliefs. If we can come to terms with our place on this tiny ball of rock and perhaps allow ourselves to see past the facade of our civilization addiction then we might be able to understand ourselves and the world around us more fully. We are not immune to natural law, regardless of what They might tell you, and the same forces that effect the rest of the natural comunities effect us as well. Our species is governed by environmental stimuli and we act accordingly on an instinctual level. There are certain truths that Mr. Quinn has spelled out for the layman most brilliantly and if ever ther was a time to stop and take a minute to listen to the world, it is now. I'm sure that you will find it most interesting if you can truely open yourself to what is being said. Take in the words, the noise, the sounds and the silence. Take it all in and use what you hear to point you in the direction that you know is right. Not the way that They want you to take but the path that has been there for millions of years. The path that we have inherrited from the natural world. The path that will lead us back again. The path that will take us home. Just in case any of you are still reading this and are wondering if I'm talking about a complete reversion to a natural state, yes I am. I am talking about the path needed to return our natural ecosystems to thier former balence and glory. But that dosen't mean that we can not take our technology along for the ride after all, our tech. has evolved along side us and it would be wrong to deny something that evolution provided us in order to carry on. Here's to setting things right, paving a way, and the glory of gorilla!

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