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    Network Record Number: 3498
    This record (3498) last updated: Jun 30, 2000
    First Name: Jane
    Last Name: Thanx
    City: Middletown
    State: CA
    Country: UNITED STATES
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    I want to announce that there is a community forming near Middletown, CA. I am seriously thinking about moving there. Write me if you want more information.

    I am half way through Beyond Civilization. Moving right along with it in my life too. Working in a collective and planning to live in community with at least one of the people from the collective.
    I loved the book Ishmael, and the movie Instinct. I read The Story of B, and got the message, again, that we need to change the way we work and consume. We have alot of strength as a community. I have heard that it doesn't take a majority to initiate a change it only takes a small percentage and then people see what you are doing and start to follow your lead.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    After reading many tribal members entries , I get the feeling that there is so much energy,talent and enthusiasm here, just waiting for someone to say, "Okay, let's do it!"
    Idea: There is a local farm in Lake County, CA, Clover Creek Family Farm. They grow organically and "as Sustainably as possible". They sell subscriptions for weekly delivery of a box full of home grown veggies. They publish a one page weekly newsletter. They have been in business for about 4 years. They are expanding their farm and the number of subscribers they serve. It works really well here because the nearest grocer with organic veggeies is an hour drive away. There are several drop off points at willing subscribers' houses. It is also a chance to meet neighbors as they come to pick up their veggies.

    I want to build a sculpted home like the one's described in Eugene Tsui's book "Evolutionary Architecture".

    For a long time I have been feeling frustrated and sad that the land is for sale and the person who buys it can own all the beings on the land that are not human. I have asked the spiders to please live outside my house and sensed this answer from them, "Well, you humans take up SO much space we only take up a little, we think it would be nice if you shared the space with us."

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