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    Network Record Number: 4273
    This record (4273) last updated: Mar 20, 2001
    First Name: Oscar
    Last Name: Madison
    Organization: The organization of all living things
    City: Eagle
    State: CO
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 81637
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    Like many, I have been wanting to go "BC" for quite some time now. Also like many, I did not have aaaa, the right- facts/info????, say continuity of ideas?-, for lack of better description to coherently conceptualize or at least to be able think in terms of a meaningful, workable, idealistic framework or foundation. But luckily, after a long and frustrating amount of searching, we have at last/least said framework, or foundation to unify and focus the third eye of us all out here who have for so long felt alone and lost "with no diretion home, a complete unkown..." you know, how many of you have read DQ and gone, "that bastard, thats exactly what ive been grappling with for years now, its so crystal clear and simple yet makes so much sense,why could'nt I of thought of it, thats exactly it!." I have spent the best years of my adulthood? persuing the life of an outsider, misfit, (dislike the word "hippie" cause that aint accurate but we all know the use and misuse of typologies with our "society" ahem)so,trying to live outside the "system" anyway.But as DQ so accurately pointed out, like many others of this bent, doing so without any real positive answers or direction to be able to use to go beyound "dropping out, or living outside of" the mainstream. I mean, you still gotta eat you know? So,finally a place for this direction? Secondly,I cannot claim to have studied, but a,lets say been curious with alternitive realigions, after having been brought up christian and then being turned off by all forms of organized; because of the hypocrisy etc., so believing myself to be thus "spiritul" but not religious and other considerations etc., (many simular to PROVIDENCE and why that blew me away so),again I have found something meaningful here. The third reason,having found sociology after returning to school, and thinking that this was a way to make a difference etc.,I spent yet more time and energy,(not to mention $) studing sociology up to and at a gradute level until the old boys club and yet more BS and hypocrisy foiled this approach to finding some way to understand and hopefully help change why this world is warped to the point where if we dont dance faster we are doomed. So like many pissed off, unhappy, folks who have bounced around for so long like the boy in (??? My Ishmael ??) who finally walks into the lake, but who dont feel that the lake is the answer either,.....and who do not posses the wealth to simply live the dilletantes life or of luxury and liesure....(and of course they will disapear with the rest of us even if they think otherwise, poor bastards)..... Alas, I there is Animism (of which I would be greatly indebted if any one out there could provide literature/info etc on, as my limited searchs have found nada),and Mother culture as at last/least -although not flawless model of our "society"- a sensible and workable societal model to help us consider the madness and hopefully move "beyound" it. So then, why am I here? Perhaps like some of the rest of you, who have read the good words of "B", and have had your world finally rocked!,but need more help. I am here becuase as DQ says, it is up to US to find ways to take the next steps, to "move beyound" and of course since there is no "one way" etc., we have our work cut out for us. So since as Mr Q himself would probably agree with, it is not for us to sit and wait for him or any one individual for that matter to figure out the next step or provide us with a connect-the-dots AAA map to the promised land, I am here because I cant see that I have any other choice but to be with those who understand the basics, but need some help on what to do with all these nice ideas. I am somewhat lazy and not the sharpest tack in the box so,I feel I have no where else to turn, but to you, fellow advocates, truth seekers, and unsatisfied customers alike. "The futures here, we are it, we are on our own...." I hope this is the beginning of the best kind, and that soon we can find a shinning-diamond-light beyound the fear & loathing, to go FURTHUR, please help me, and I will try my best to help you, in the mean time I shall be waiting at the bus stop for your arrival...... anxiously, PAIR

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

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