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    Network Record Number: 6618
    This record (6618) last updated: Dec 05, 2001
    First Name: Jason
    Last Name: Bowe
    Organization: Multi-County Aim High School
    City: Canton
    State: OH
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 44703
    Why are you here?

    I'm here as a teacher and a learner. I have the need to figure out what is wrong here, and how to make the world in which I live a better place for myself, my friends, family, and my students. My hope is this. . . That all who search for the boundries that seem to diminish our lives will find them within and be able to climb over them. Climb over them to find the joy and beauty found here on this little blue jewel we call home.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    As of yet, I still find myself within this fog of disgust pertaining to the gross negligence of honesty to one's self found in the population.

    I still, as is my habit, dissagree with the notion of taking care of only my little corner of the world. There is more to be done than just that, a corner; for the world is round. I feel I am part of the community of man en mass, which creats in me the desire to affect change in those near to me and to those who do not know me as of yet. Keeping true to myself translates into doing my part to raising the human condition. Yikes! Friend, I sound like a dreamer. For that reason I still am able to look at myself in the mirror and be glad. I am a dreamer. I need to have that piece of me alive and active. If I cannot look around and see things for the better I will be defeated. I can't allow myself to fall into angst and apathy. This would place me into a vile existance, thus degrading what I believe is right into a tattered remanant thrown into the warehouse of broken humanity.

    I have come to this realization as of late... There are a great many people who care. There are even more who have the feeling that something is wrong here. Unforunately, all these people cannot find the bars of the prison making it impossible to get out. This is why there are so many willing to send their money to TelevAngelists, buy self-help videos, attend Church in any of the religious sectors, and also why many people create their own reality. All of these things are little rays of hope. Hope that things will change for the better. However, the problem is this. . . The bars of the prison are not found in the outside world. They are not found in government or society. The thought that these things are the problem is an illusion, a fallacy, a myth. The bars are found within each individual. They are comoflauged by any number of events found within the life of the individual. It is easy to look outside and point saying, "that, that is the problem... don't you see? That's why I'm unhappy." It is difficult and painful to look within and say, "No, the problem is not out there. It is me, I need to change this inside here (pointing to the heart... the soul). This is what needs to change."

    Today, this is my aim. To look and see what I can change here *pointing to my heart. . .my soul. I do not have the ability to make anything else change but me... I can only influence those around me, hold the mirror for them to see what it is they need to change. Yet this is the biggest challenge of all, for "who knows the soul of a man but the man himself?"

    Thank you for listening to my goings-on. Think me not crazy, but a dreamer.

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