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    Network Record Number: 6984
    This record (6984) last updated: Feb 12, 2002
    First Name: Kenneth
    Last Name: Fusco
    Organization: none
    Address1: HWY 30A
    Address2: Seagrove Beach
    City: Santa Rosa
    State: FL
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 23459
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    Read Ishmael, Story of B, and Beyond Civilization and My Ishmael. Have yet to find anyone in my area interested in seriously discussing Quinn's ideas, or related ideas of others. I've found myself wandering back to the bookstore in my area which keeps Ishmael stocked regularly hoping to catch someone looking at a copy.

    One time I did manage to convince a girl I bumped into in the mythology section to add Ishmael to her list of books she was buying with her gift certificate. I even wrote my email address in the copy she bought so we could discuss it after she read it. She probably thought I was a nutcase, since I haven't gotten an email back from her yet. I live on the Gulf Coast so she was (like most people I meet here unfortunately) from another state.

    I'd like to recommend a few films for all you aspiring tribal types to add to your rental list. I work in a video store so I've seen just about everything. A few of the best in this genre are: The Last of the Dog Men. The Emerald Forest. The Education of Little Tree. The Earthling. VIRUS(1984). Escape 2000. (Those last few start to cross over into the post-apocalyptic genre which I find is often closely related or similar to the tribal genre: Roadwarrior or Postman for example).

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    My advice is study people. Learn to be a good anthropologist(i.e. peaple watcher). The better you understand various types of people the better equipped you are to communicate your ideas to them (or know when NOT to communicate your ideas to them). BTW: If an individual isn't receptive to you don't blame them for it. Your just not the right person for them to hear it from. Such is the nature of these kinds of ideas. My way isnt the right way for all. So I try to identify those who are the most receptive to my particular form and shape these ideas take...

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