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    Network Record Number: 7980
    This record (7980) last updated: Mar 03, 2005
    First Name: Antoine
    Last Name: Kolmel
    Organization: Karma Productions
    Address1: 47 apple hill, Baie d'Urfe
    City: Montreal
    State: QC
    Country: CANADA
    ZipCode: h9x3h3
    Phone: 1-514-457-6867
    URL: http://
    Fax: 1-514-457-0183
    Why are you here?

    Im back! and will update lots to look forward to. I need you guys.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    I just spent the last 2-3 years assisting protests and trying to convert(or teach) the most people in my entourage... I must say it has been successful to a certain extent,lots of people have opened their hearts and souls simply by curiosity to why I am "radical" in my lifestyle... Daniel was very cooperative when he allowed me to print and distribute some of his works in BC network for the Washington protest a couple of years ago(IMF-WTO-WB)... Thnks again Daniel(don't worry the rights were added) I have been overwhelmed by the disappointing organisation and class division among the activists(fighting amongst each other wasn't the plan!)and have come to realize that there is just so much you can do or change aroud you and can't expect tohandle everything!The revolted I have met have become angry, stressed, snobby and narrow minded people who are consumed by politics and the "right way"(each with their own opinionated arguments) and most of all blood thirsty for power(the "right way" to overthrow everything)...they are now simply a different class of slaves. I just quit my job (in the health food business - which I love learning and teaching in) to run away to North-Carolina to surf and read all day where I thought I'd find happiness.I soon discovered that I didn't have to run away to be free,I was still very depressed(even with the ocean and great climat).So I left and came back last night.I am lost and alone.I have pushed everyone and thrown everything out of my life because they remind me of how easily we get consumed with unreal lifestyles and distracting relationships that only slow down my search. I will not give up!However I need to surround myself with positive ideas and people; the search is on ...again...but I still feel numb and overwhelmed with feeling sorry for myself... I guess "IT" shaped me well...(society - conditioning my mind) I'm not sure if I wrote what was supposed to but here are my talents and capabilities: musician-singer--videographer(filming-editing-music)-creative(good with eyes and hands)-athletic(personal trainer,active in many sports)-can act and am very passionate about martial arts and dancing-have a good base knowledge in health consulting. I put together videos of protests,comdedy skits and am working on a marriage. (thats was 2002 or 3 and refuse to change my dreams ...its 2005 and time to rise, today more than ever we can feel the sorrow being shed inthe world. You dont have to watch the news or read the papers to know, I close my eyes ,sleep, dream and I can hear all of you reaching out into the dark for something, someone...) We are here for you

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