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    Network Record Number: 8470
    This record (8470) last updated: Jan 31, 2003
    First Name: Zoƫ
    Last Name: Nathan
    City: Santa Barbara
    State: CA
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 93101
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    Well...Having read Ishmael, MY Ishmael, and The Story of B, I wanted very much to acquaint myself further with Quinn's work and those who appreciate his line of thinking. Just fulfilling a curiosity.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    After receiving my bachelor's degree from a liberal arts college, I spent last summer on a road trip with a friend, (a fellow graduate), through Central America. The different political, social, and geographical landscapes I saw were inspiring and were enough to instill in me a solid conviction that there is indeed not one right way to live, but many contextually appropriate ways live.

    Right now, I'm suspended in a space of not knowing what to do next. So far, my interests and skills have been diverse: multimedia arts, music and dance, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and environmental studies. Graduate studies seem appropriate, (though WHY is, I suppose, a curious thing). I have always had a persistent desire to contribute and participate in a community that I love, but have never discovered such a community. I studied Marxist economics and social theory, but even before that, I was curious to discover what ideology could possibly propel and sustain such a flawed and inefficient way of living in the world as that of the West, (Taker culture, as Quinn has appropriately labeled it). It puzzled me as I endured three years of high school, (first public, then private), at first feeling that there must be something fundamentally peculiar or wrong with ME, (rather than the institution), for being one of the relatively few malcontent young people. I loathed the very concrete, manicured lawns, and well-maintained edifices of my high school, which seemed an unavoidable prison. The only satisfaction of these years was found in small backpacking excursions into California's beautiful wilderness and a few trips in Colorado and Arizona. I excelled in high school, (though with little motivation) and left for college a year early, (which may as well have been two years early).

    In my mind, buried in cobwebs, there existed all along this faint notion of a place I'd like to be. There, I would learn how to live sustainably and also delve into many trades that I have wished over the years to have mastery in. I've wished for this for several reasons: I'm dissatisfied with the mode of production and social division operating within our current mode of *laissez-faire* capitalism, and also, I have often thought of how very easy it is to imagine a more resourceful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing form for products and services to be made available than the monopolistic, mass-produced mediocrity so abundant.

    So where does this all leave me? Looking--with a disheartened, though not entirely pessimistic outlook, devouring books, stalling getting a job where I would work senselessly toward something unfulfilling, (like in high school), virtually in hibernation since receiving my BA in liberal arts, and curiously, much more physically and mentally active than when I was in school.

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