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The Ishmael Community Network

    "How do I find other people who share this new vision?"

    Here they are! Please use the Network to locate others, to allow others to locate you, and to contribute and share your skills and resources to this developing community. No fees. No gimmicks. If you don't understand why this Network exists, or if you need help clarifying your understanding of DQ's message, do some reading...the people herein will have LOTS of suggestions for you! We only ask that you be respectful of others and use this area responsibly. ALL data herein is copyright by this website. YOU MAY NOT COPY INFORMATION IN THIS WEBSITE FOR COMMERCIAL USE. Please inform us of any misuse of data from this website.


    Search the Network--There are 11171 people in the Ishmael Community!

      Enter State/Province (all or part--try abbreviations, like VA for Virginia):
      Choose a City (enter all or part):
      All *or part* of postal code (try the first 3 or 4 digits):
      Search people's "Why are you here?" and "Personal Info" sections:
      AND between words is implied
      Choose a Country:
      Type all or part of a name:
      View records modified:

      HELP! I don't get it!

      People add themselves to this database. They tell about themselves, and they choose a login name and password so that they can come back later and update their information.

      The cities, states, countries, and dates in the drop-down boxes are loaded dynamically from a database...if your state (etc.) is not here, it is because no one is in our database from there. When you or someone from your state (etc.) add themselves here, your state (etc.) will show up automatically. This will also explain odd entries in the dropdown can correct those yourself if it's your record!

      How about some input on how to make this site more useful, eh?! It's built for you, so if it's not useful...let me know!

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