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  Ishmael Community: My Ishmael

My Ishmael

Unbeknownst to the narrator of Ishmael, a second pupil responded to the ad in the paper ("Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world") -- twelve-year-old Julie Gerchak, whose interaction with Ishmael results in a dialogue strikingly different from the one found in Ishmael...

An excerpt...

"You know," I said, "there's something you could do that would help me a lot. I don't know if I have any business asking, but there it is."
Ishmael frowned. "Have I given you the impression that my program here is not subject to change? Do I really seem to you so rigid that I'm unwilling to accommodate you?"
Oops, I said to myself, but after thinking about it for bit, I decided not to be apologetic. I said to him, "It's probably been a long time since you were a twelve-year-old girl talking to a thousand-pound gorilla."
"I don't see what my weight has to do with it," he snapped.
"Well, all right, a hundred-year-old gorilla."
"I'm not a hundred years old, and I weigh less than six hundred pounds."
"Good Lord," I said. "This is beginning to sound like something from Alice in Wonderland."
Ishmael chuckled and asked me what he could do that would be helpful.
"Tell me what you think the world would be like if we actually did manage to 'start living a different way.'"

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The My Ishmael book tour

Some Reviews:

"My Ishmael isn't just a sequel to the original. Instead, the original must be seen as a springboard for this new penetrating look into the machinery of our own culture, with all the drama and intrigue that a culture's history has to offer. If you're not changed after reading My Ishmael, you're dead."
Lance Pierce, Editor, Illusions Magazine

"Enthralling, shocking, hope-filled, and utterly fearless, Quinn leads us deeper and deeper into human heart, history, and spirit. Thank God the Gorilla is Back! In My Ishmael, Quinn strikes out into entirely new territory, posing questions that will rock you on your heels, and providing tantalizing possibilities for a truly new world vision."

Susan Chernak McElroy, Author of Animals as Teachers & Healers

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