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What do you think of the "Greening" of Religion?

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"Daniel Quinn's masterpiece Ishmael brings a new level of awareness
of the present plight of the human condition. It is especially important
to get this book into the hands of students and leaders in business,
health care, and the public sector--that is to say, all of us who have a
stake in the future. The clarity of thought presented in Ishmael can
literally help students orient their lives. We at MIT are presently using
the book in many of our programs on visionary leadership and
organizational learning."
Peter M. Senge, Director, Organizational Learning Center,
Massachusetts Institute of technology, Author of THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE

The book that has the whole world thinking . . . and rethinking.



Winner of the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship

Click here for more information about Ishmael or quotes from reviews in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times,the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, the Whole Earth Review, and elsewhere.

Ishmael is being used in hundreds of high schools, colleges, and universities all over North America—in every curriculum area, earning the epithet "The Golden Bridge that connects all the disciplines." Click here for a list of courses in which Ishmael has been used. The Ishmael Companion was developed as an aid to teachers who want to use ISHMAEL in the classroom.

Author Daniel Quinn has received thousands of letters from readers who have written to tell him how Ishmael changed their lives. Hundreds of these are letters from teachers and letters from students (from midschool to graduate school).

Ishmael, a Bantam Book, is available in mass-market paperback and trade paperback editions. Teachers may also order a review copy.

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